03 March 2021

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Didn't expect us to be back so soon? Well, get used to it! You will now receive cultural heritage news in your inbox every two weeks. For the European cultural heritage sector, the New European Bauhaus initiative marks an opportunity. But is the sector itself ready to contribute? In Italy, the appointment of Pompeii's new director has shaken things up. Our European Heritage Youth Ambassador Anna Ainio explains the controversy. Last but not least, we have started sharing young people's perspectives on cultural heritage via the ESACH Blog. Scroll down to read the latest blog posts!


Theresiakerk Limburg

New European Bauhaus marks opportunity for cultural heritage sector

3 March - EHT: New European Bauhaus, European Commission, Culture Action Europe, Europa Nostra

Last January, the European Commission announced the beginning of the first phase of the New European Bauhaus initiative (NEB). The move marks an opportunity for the cultural heritage sector to impact Europe’s sustainability policies and the future in general. But is the sector itself ready to contribute?

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Prof. Mr. Pieter van Vollenhoven

EU Climate Commissioner: 'Adapting historical buildings one of the greatest challenges'

2 March 2021 - EHT

At the Dublin Climate Summit on 25 February, EU Climate Commissioner Frans Timmermans underlined the dual importance of increasing energy effiency but also of preserving built heritage.

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Prof. Mr. Pieter van Vollenhoven

Controversy in Italy: Pompeii's new director criticised before even starting

27 February 2021 - EHT

German-born Italian archaeologist Gabriel Zuchtriegel is Pompeii's new director. Critics believe he is not Italian enough. Our European Heritage Youth Ambassador Anna Ainio explains the controversy.

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Prof. Mr. Pieter van Vollenhoven

Public outrage over new doors at Burgos Cathedral: 'An eyesore'

26 February 2021 - EHT

More than 56.000 people have signed an online petition against the installation of three new bronze doors at Burgos Cathedral. The doors will mark the 800th anniversary of the cathedral.

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Prof. Mr. Pieter van Vollenhoven

Prince of Hanover sues son for selling Marienburg Castle for €1

22 February 2021 - EHT

Marienburg Castle is in need of restoration, which would cost €27 million. According to the Prince of Hanover's son, selling the family estate to the German government helps preserve the castle for the public.

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Week van het Lege Gebouw

Have some fun: join the photo competition Jump for Heritage

Future for Religious Heritage

Create a unique joyful moment and capture your jump in front of a religious heritage site in a photo. #JUMPFORHERITAGE is a movement of optimism and beauty in an exceptional chain of religious heritage sites across Europe.

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Call for case studies: Heritage and development
5 March 2021 - Our World Heritage
Call for proposals: ESACH Meeting 2021 Madrid
7 March 2021 - ESACH
Call for applications: Europeana MOOC digital education with cultural heritage
14 March 2021 - Europeana
Photo competition: EHL@N: Europe starts here
14 March 2021 - European Heritage Label
Funding opportunity: i-Portunus for architecture
15 March 2021 - i-Portunus
Photo competition: #JUMPFORHERITAGE
15 March 2021 - Future for Religious Heritage
Photo and visual arts contest: Contribute to ESACH activities
21 March 2021 - ESACH
Contest: Choose your favourite Erasmus coin
31 March 2021 - European Commission
Photo contest: Bunkerzoom Atlantic Wall Europe
31 March 2021 - Atlantikwall Europe
Call for papers: 6th Heritage Forum of Central Europe
31 March 2021 - Atlantikwall Europe
Call for applications: Course on Landscape Biography (in Dutch)
14 April 2021 - Centre for Global Heritage and Development
Funding opportunity: I-Portunus for cultural heritage
14 April 2021 - I-Portunus
Call for nominations: Melina Mercouri International Prize for the Safeguarding and Management of Cultural Landscapes
30 April 2021 - UNESCO Greece

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FRA | Baguettes, wine festival and Paris rooftops compete for Intangible Heritage


GBR | Edinburgh residents asked to identify historical buildings in need of repair


ITA | Archaeologists discover ceremonial chariot near Pompeii


LTU | Oldest Lithuanian lighthouse opens to the public


FRA | Why vegetarian school lunches threaten Lyon's food heritage


ALB | Construction on the Pyramid of Tirana in Albania has begun


ITA | Mausoleum of Augustus in Rome reopens after 100 years of neglect


IRL | Ireland's hedgerow heritage is at risk


ESP | Call for Madrid's ‘Sistine Chapel’ to become World Heritage


SVN | 100-year-old water tower in eastern Slovenia becomes tourist spot


GRC | Greek ship carrying parts of the Parthenon gives up more secrets


GBR | New stadium on Liverpool's waterfront given council approval


DEU | Why 'tethering' of cattle in Bavaria must not become World Heritage


CYP | Inside Nicosia's demolition scandal: how the church controls heritage


Noordwijk aan Zee

Cultural landscapes: reflecting culture through the lens of photography

1 March 2021 - Mina Hanna

In expressing small fragments of the world and culture through its small frames, photography has the power to both document culture and be a product of it. In reflecting and producing culture, in fact, photographs become smaller cultural landscapes and portraits: objects and subjects simultaneously. Although the machine’s tool provides the photos with an appearance of objectivity, this can be misleading as personal and artistic perspective reflects the photographer’s subjectivity. Hence, the name of this blog post: cultural landscapes.

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Woonboot, Amsterdam

The application of survey advanced techniques in Palazzo Ducale in Mantova, Italy

26 February 2021 - Laura Cerliani and Annachiara Colombo

The main objective of surveying in the architectural field is to lead to the knowledge of the object through the definition of an interpretative model of the artefact. In recent years, the application of survey advanced techniques has greatly extended the possibilities of understanding and rendering historic architecture. In this regard, the work carried out on Palazzo Ducale in Mantova provides an exemplary contribution to the discussions about advanced technologies applied to built heritage surveying.

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The role of rural communities in heritage preservation in Cumalikizik, Turkey

24 February 2021 - Münire Nurgül Büyükgüllü

Tourism in rural areas expands the broad public awareness of marginal cultures by at once providing residents with the opportunity of presenting the tangible and intangible forms of local heritage. Yet, it is a subject that needs to be approached cautiously as external presences directly affect both the heritage and the related cultural expressions. The case of Cumalıkızık highlights the significant role played by local citizens in accommodating heritage preservation and promotion within forms of sustainable tourism.

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De familie Bedner

Reflection for future: an introduction to the Mirror Studies project

22 February 2021 - Goran Đurđević

Digital heritage studies, digital archaeology and museology are growing fields in academia and present new ideas, tools and methods for cultural heritage protection in the digital era. Mirror Studies is an international research student group active since January 2019, which is constructing a big data project and web application based on ArcGis technology. The research focus is on mirrors, archaeological artefacts used for reflection, which are key objects of the program described in this blog post.

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