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Lansdowne Crescent, Somers Park Avenue, Upper Welland
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21st February 2021
First Sunday in Lent - Church Action on Poverty Sunday

Minister - Rev Nigel Coke-Woods 01684 561224
Pastoral Support Worker - Anne Rich 01684 584713

Lansdowne Crescent WR14 2AW
Senior Steward  - Maureen Davis ‭01684 575397‬

Somers Park Avenue WR14 1SE
Senior Steward - David Mather ‭07484 332168‬

Upper Welland WR14 4LA
Senior Steward - Geoff Blackmore 01684 594706

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Check these pages during the week for all kinds of information, thoughts and news

Nigel will be off between Monday 22nd February to Monday 1st March. If anyone needs a minister urgently please contact Rev Helen Caine 01905 767025


for Sunday 21st February

Sunday Worship during lockdown will be via Zoom at 10.30 am. You can join via computer or tablet using this link:

You can join by phone by dialling and entering the meeting ID and passcode.
0203 481 5240 - 0203 901 7895 - 0131 460 1196 - 0203 051 2874 - 0203 481 5237 Meeting ID: 860 3769 1852 Passcode: 057878
A hymn sheet can be downloaded here.

Order of Service
Call to worship
Singing the Faith 317 ~ At the name of Jesus
Prayer of Approach and Collect.
First Reading ~ Mark 1:9-15
Sermon 1
Prayer of Confession
Singing the Faith 233 ~ When Jesus came to Jordan
Second Reading ~ 1 Peter 3:18-22
Sermon 2
Singing the Faith 691 ~ What shall our greeting be
Prayers of Thanksgiving & Intercession
The Lord’s Prayer
Singing the Faith 239 ~ Sent by the Lord am I
Dismissal & Blessing

A recording of this service will be put on YouTube by the afternoon.
Go to




Dial by your location (for those who join by phone)
        0203 481 5240 - 0203 901 7895 - 0131 460 1196 - 0203 051 2874 - 0203 481 5237 
Meeting ID: 860 3769 1852 Passcode: 057878.

This will be live – with contributions from photographers, readers, speakers and, if technically possible, musicians, all from our own homes.

ANYONE FROM THE CIRCUIT who would like to take part, by reading content supplied by me, or your own writing, in words or music, please contact me by email Otherwise I shall be contacting people I already know around the Circuit and we may all miss out on your contribution.

EVERYONE IS INVITED TO SUBMIT Your Own PHOTOS on the themes of HIGHS AND LOWS, DESOLATION and/or CONSOLATION. (Lockdown photos particularly welcomed, but this is not essential.)  Remember if there are people identifiable in the pictures you must have their permission for them to be used on zoom. Please send photos by email, with a title and your name and church.

Deadline for making initial contact with me and submission of photos is SUNDAY 14TH FEBRUARY.


Nigel will be on annual leave this week so will not be producing Zoom Worship on 28th, nor Midweek Prayers on Wednesday 24th. As Droitwich Methodist Church joined Malvern recently so we are invited to join them for their Zoom Service on 28th. Login details are as follows:

To join by computer or tablet click this link:
To join by telephone, use the following numbers.
0203 481 5240 - 0203 901 7895 - 0131 460 1196 - 0203 051 2874 - 0203 481 5237
Meeting ID: 634 235 1697. Passcode: 760112


From Upper Welland Methodist Church. 

O God, forgive us for every occasion when we have failed you;
when you needed a loving word to be spoken and we were silent,
when you needed a loving silence
and we rushed in with hot and hasty words.
Deeds of loving service beckoned us and we held back, timid and afraid.
Forgive us. Help us to forgive one another.
Grant that no rankling bitterness, jealousy or malice
may remain in our hearts, 
so that in love and fellowship of spirit we may rise above to do your will
and help to make a new, sweet world of fellowship and love.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord


For The Society of Friends, Orchard Road

Today being Church Action on Poverty Sunday, Malvern Christians Against Poverty and the Malvern Hills Food Bank. With Fairtrade Fortnight starting tomorrow, all those businesses and organisations promoting fairly traded goods.

5th March 2021 at  2 pm  
This annual service will be on Zoom this year. Click this link to join on a computer or tablet:
You can join by telephone (audio only) by dialling:
0203 481 5240 - 0203 901 7895 - 0131 460 1196 - 0203 051 2874 - 0203 481 5237
Meeting ID: 893 3702 0037 Passcode: 415061
The service will subsequently be on YouTube at

Somers Park Avenue 
If anyone from SPA would like a copy of the Day of Prayer booklet please contact Avril Phillips 07521 549247
Malvern Churches Together
Following the recent news that we have passed the terrible milestone of over 100,000 deaths related to Covid-19, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, supported by the President and Vice President of the Methodist Conference, have called upon the nation to pray and reflect not only on those who have been lost but also and the social and economic challenges facing the nation. 

We are being invited to “prayer for the nation” at 6 pm every day throughout February.  So in response Churches, Together Malvern plans to host a short moment of prayer and coming together on zoom each day at 6 pm lead by our different churches in our town. We invite you and your church families to join us.
Zoom details;
Meeting ID: 891 5703 3760  Passcode: ctm2021


12 O'Clock Weekly half-hour online service
You can join the live service via Zoom
To join on the day using computer, tablet or smartphone click this link:
Meeting ID: 860 3769 1852 Password: 057878

OR to join by ordinary telephone call
0131 460 1196 - 0203 051 2874 - 0203 481 5237 - 0203 481 5240 
Dial the number and follow the instructions.

The next Holy Communion will be on Wednesday 10th March.
Whilst the Methodist Church does not allow the minister to give communion to you online you are invited to make a "spiritual communion" at the same time. If you choose to use your own bread and wine what you receive by faith and thanksgiving in your heart is between you and God.

There will be no Wednesday Prayers on 24th February as Nigel will be on Annual Leave.
George James
We remember George with thanks, who died last Sunday. George had many friends at Upper Welland, Lansdowne Crescent and St. Andrews Methodist Church Worcester. We prayer for Doris and the family that they may know God's love and comfort.

Carol Blake
Carol wishes to thank everyone for their prayers and messages following her broken ankle. She is in a second cast now and managed to avoid surgery as the bones have stayed in such a good position. She also had a negative covid test result, so all is looking good to get back on her feet as soon as possible, hopefully.

Nigel & Sylvia Coke-Woods
We have a new granddaughter yet to be named. She is three months premature but doing well. She was just 2lb 5oz at birth and will be in the ICU at Addenbrookes Hospital for some time. Please pray for Alex and Rhiannon in the uncertain time ahead and for the baby's sister, Freya, who is just two and a half years old.


Please remember the Lansdowne Prayer Chain if you wish people to pray for you. We are currently praying for a number of people in confidence. Contact Gwyneth Tweats  01684 565783

Since last March links with the wider community have been all but impossible. Recently Nigel has been able to begin developing a new link and reestablish an old one. This is good news, so watch these spaces!

Windsor Court Care Home
This is due to open in July on the site of the old Community Hospital in Lansdowne Crescent. Nigel has begun discussions with Windsor Court who are interested in developing a relationship with the church once they open. They have said residents may wish to come to worship and church activities, whilst we may wish to develop some kind of chaplaincy in the home. They have also mentioned Lansdowne Crescent members possibly using care home facilities such as the hairdresser and bistro.

Malvern Pride
In 2020 it was intended we have a Methodist presence at Malvern Pride. This did not happen, but I have recently been in touch with one of the organisers who is interested in developing dialogue and maybe an inter-faith group for the LGBTQ community in Malvern. We do not know if Pride will take place in 2021 but this is a promising development. In the meantime, the Methodist Church has put out this video on churches supporting Pride
Sent in by Iris Skilton

Next week’s service will be led by Joan Wager, a Local Preacher from Cumbria. More information about the Year of Prayer can be found here or use this direct link to register.

Saturday 13th March at 10.30 am
It's back by overwhelming demand (meaning Nigel thinks its a good idea). Bring your own beverage of choice and cake.
To join by laptop or tablet click

To join by phone dial and follow the instructions
0131 460 1196 - 0203 051 2874 - 0203 481 5237 - 0203 481 5240 - 0203 901 7895
Meeting ID: 871 5250 1210  Passcode: 942709

22 February to 7 March 2021.
Fairtrade is a simple way to make a difference to the lives of the people who grow the things we love. Fairtrade Fortnight is the best time in the year to
celebrate the farmers and workers who grow the food we eat, promoting a living wage and fair trade. This year Fairtrade Fortnight highlights the growing challenges that climate change brings to farmers in the communities Fairtrade works with.
As Lansdowne is a Fairtrade Church, members are encouraged to buy Fairtrade where possible.  If you would like a link to Zaytoun's Fairtrade products (such as Olive Oil and Dates) available locally please contact Mary Wetherall (574346)

Choose the world you want this year - "Fairtrade, climate and you" festival. To find out more, visit


Lansdowne Crescent Thursday 4th March 7.30 pm.
Church Councils will be held virtually over Zoom.
You can join on computer or tablet using this link.
You can join by phone by dialling
0203 481 5240 - 0203 901 7895 - 0131 460 1196 - 0203 051 2874 - 0203 481 5237 
Meeting ID: 899 5928 8917
Passcode: 202335


This has been a difficult year in many ways….how can we raise funds to support charities, when we can’t get together for quizzes,  coffee mornings and curry lunches?

Well, Lansdowne’s members have done an amazing job this year. Christopher Davis tells me that you have raised £3,820.20 to date, which is wonderful.

You have bought Cath’s face-masks, Rosemary’s bread and cakes, Cynthia’s marmalade (and other goodies), Alison’s Christmas cards………we have enjoyed David and Gwyneth’s quiz….

And many of you have given generous donations and some have set up standing orders.

So a huge thank you to you all………but the year is not quite over yet and there is more to come….

Steve Philipson Sponsored Walk of the Wye Valley
Steve Phillipson is halfway through his sponsored walk along the Wye Valley. The plan is to complete the Walk as soon as the weather improves and the lockdown restrictions are lifted. Steve will be in touch with those of you who are sponsoring him, to let you know his progress!       

Coffee Morning - Cynthia and John's Favourite Walks
Cynthia and John Merriman are planning a very interesting entertainment for us, to take place on Tuesday morning, 9th March………It will be a PowerPoint presentation on Zoom about their favourite walks around Malvern. They love to walk and are currently taking lots of photos, to show us their special places and inspire us to discover new walks for ourselves.

There will also be plenty of opportunities to ask questions and chat……..and maybe share your own favourite walks!   
Penny Vere

Thank you for your continued support of the foodbank. We remain open during this second lockdown and have been busy distributing food parcels to adults and families in need. 
Donations can be delivered either to the Lyttelton Well or to Spring Lane during normal opening hours (Monday and Thursday 10.15 –12noon; Tuesday 1-3 pm).

  • Tinned Potatoes
  • UHT Milk
  • Curry Sauce
  • Men's Deodorant
  • Antibacterial Wipes
  • Surface Cleaner.


  • tinned meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, beans, soup, rice pudding, custard
  • tea, coffee, uht milk, fruit juice, fruit squash
  • cereals (medium)
  • jam, peanut butter
  • pasta (500g)
  • rice (500g)
  • instant mash
  • sauces for rice and pasta
  • sugar (500g)
  • treats: biscuits, chocolate, sweets etc
  • personal hygiene items: shower gel, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, toilet rolls
  • household cleaning items: washing powder/liquid, washing up liquid, surface cleaner
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