«I'm Good, I'm Healthy, I'm Whole»

The title track of our new EP «I'm Good, I'm Healthy, I'm Whole» hit the digital shelves yesterday and was immediately followed by the full release today. If you've been following our news throughout the year, you might have already listened to our three singles «Calling Out», «You Surround Me» and «Give In To Me» which are featured on this record. Those three songs as well as the Bonus Track «Mellow Heart – 2020 Remake» were originally written between 2014 and 2016 and never got a chance to make it into the repertoire of our quartett that was formed in 2017. The lack of concerts during the pandemic seemed like the perfect opportunity to change that and I Iove what happened to the songs in those two days of recording at Hardstudios last November. «I'm Good, I'm Healthy, I'm Whole» was the only new composition that made its way into the session and to me, it's certainly one of the most moving performances by this quartet that we have managed to capture so far. To me, there's something truly magical about how all the individual musical actions just seem to fall in place in a way that wasn't really planned out but rather just felt like a natural expression of this quartet's energy. And once again, without making any direct reference to the title or lyrics, I think Anaïs Voirol's artwork captures the meaning of the song perfectly.

«I'm Good, I'm Healthy, I'm Whole» feels like a fitting song to conclude this year of silent neighbor related activities, I hope you'll love the recording as much as I do and I want to thank you for all the support and beautiful feedback we've been receiving. Special thanks of course to all the wonderful people who were involved in the making of the EP:

Philipp Hillebrand: clarinet, bassclarinet, electronics
Joachim Flüeler: cello
Maxime Paratte: drums, electronics

recorded at Hardstudios Switzerland by Florian Wetter and Ruedi Tobler
mixed by Giuliano Sulzberger
mastered by Richard Dodd
artwork by Anaïs Voirol
video by Fabienne Steiner

supported by
Stadt Zürich Kultur
Kanton Zürich Fachstelle Kultur

all the best and lots of love,

Philipp Saner
guitar, vocals, words & music

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