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Dear Emily,

When we say things are looking up in Galapagos, we’re not just talking about the reopening of adventure travel there (although, we’re celebrating that, too!).

We’re talking about the phenomenon you’ll witness when you actually look up in Galapagos: elusive birds, clear skies, abundant blossoms, and jaw-dropping sunsets have re-emerged.

There’s something magical about a rest period. Imagine – when humans enjoy slower times of space and relaxation, we return to the day-to-day as rejuvenated versions of ourselves. The same is true for the natural wonders of Galapagos.

During this period of rest from tourism, the rarest Galapagos species have taken center stage. Fall and winter adventurers shouldn’t be surprised by a visit from a Short Eared Owl above, a Golden Ray below, and Giant Tortoises crossing your path.

Speaking of Giant Tortoises, what if you slowed down to their pace, casually roaming Galapagos at .16 miles (.26 km) per hour?

Introducing Galapagos | Pristine

Due to the absence of tourists in the Galapagos for almost 10 months, we have seen dramatic growth in the populations of many species on different Islands. Imagine going back 200 years and visiting a renewed Galapagos.

Craving new family memories?

Bring your holiday traditions to Galapagos.

What lies beneath?

Explore the top 10 snorkeling sites in Galapagos.

Snorkeling in the Galapagos
Discover the Best Snorkeling Sites

Every traveler deserves a Galapagos adventure that lives up to your expectations. Over the course of 34 years, we’ve helped over 75,000 adventurous travelers just like you experience the ultimate in immersive travel and create memories that last a lifetime.

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