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As it turns out, there is money in books

Hello! I'm not sure where to begin with this month's newsletter, so I'll just start by saying that I've now been open over a month and it's been absolutely incredible. Thank you everyone! Below you'll find some reading recommendations and a first set of upcoming events at The Margate Bookshop, but first I thought I'd share some reflections from my Building a Bookshop diary.

There was a beautiful metaphor that a Bloomsbury publicist left me with when she visited: she told me that amongst book publishers, dealers, bookshop owners and authors there’s a real collective rejoicing when a new bookshop opens its doors, akin to the immense excitement zookeepers share when a baby panda is born. Since I opened The Margate Bookshop, I’ve been referred to as a “rare breed” by many. It seems the new bookshop owner, the young bookseller, is the rarest of breeds. Occasionally people come in and tell me: “It must be hard”, “Bookshops are dying out eh?”.  Being in the press also means that I get the odd local popping by just to look at the space, not planning on buying anything but hoping to catch a glimpse of the precious specimen that is the bookseller – once, a woman exclaimed “You look just like in the photograph!”. It has not taken me long to realise that I am the baby panda. As a one-woman show a lot of attention is concentrated on me as a person, but I have merely put a physical space into the world, knowing that people would come and make it their own. The success of a bookshop is not testament to the bookseller, rather to a community. Sometimes I don’t know how exactly to react when naysayers make it out that earning a living out of selling books is a foolish proposition to toy with, or even what to say when people kindly ask “how’s it going? “, because the truth is that actually – “actually,” I always start – it’s going really well. I’ve been meeting the sales figures I’d set myself for busy summer months in Margate once I’d established myself and started to maximise on all income streams, I’ve been meeting them since day one. That’s not because I’m good at what I do, it’s because you, people of Margate, love books. You have wonderful, eclectic tastes and interesting ideas and books you’ve published or your friends have published, or books that you no longer have room for at home, you delight in being able to order books somewhere that isn’t Amazon and you believe in educating children, you gift books to friends, family, lovers, you recommend titles, you passionately speak to me of those that have changed your life. So, thank you.

The Margate Bookshop is now serving tea and coffee, so do pop down to Market Place for the two things that make life better: hot beverages and books!

New Stock and The Margate Bookshop Recommends:
Period Power | by Maisie Hill
If there's one book that's been a standout bestseller in the shop so far it's Period Power. Margate’s very own Maisie Hill has provided women with a bible on understanding the menstrual cycle and how it affects daily life, the response to which has been unequivocally positive. It goes to show how much the world needed this, how mad it is that we’re only just learning about this natural cycle, only just giving hormonal fluctuations the same importance we give to our sleep, diet, etc. BUY HERE
This Is Not A Drill
Extinction Rebellion
Time is running out. This is Not a Drill is the handbook of truth and action, a guide to tackling climate change and joining a growing number of activists rising to meet the ecological emergency. The book includes instructions, interviews, personal accounts and posters, scientific analysis and step-by-step guides to rebellion. Whether you’re planning on blocking a road or simply wanting to learn more about Extinction Rebellion, this book is for you. BUY HERE
Currently Reading... All the Devils Are Here by David Seabrook
I've just finished reading All the Devils Are Here and I absolutely adored it. David Seabrook's book has been another one of my top sellers: friends had recommended it to me on numerous occasions, many customers have been wanting to talk to me about it. It got to a point where this absolutely had to be the next book I read, and I'm so glad I did. In a (weird) way, All the Devils Are Here is a great means of catching up on some local history. Here's the outline: Twenty years ago, in a series of mysterious, incandescent writings, David Seabrook told of the places he knew best: the declining resort towns of the Kent coast. The pieces were no advert for the local tourist board. Here, memories of murderers and mad artists crawl the streets. Septuagenarian rent boys recall the good old days and Carry On stars go to seed. Clandestine fascist networks emerge. In All the Devils Are Here literary figures pass through like ghosts: Eliot, Dickens, Buchan, Dudd, to name a few. It's a gritty portrait of the seediness of our seaside town, an exploration of Margate's darkest corners. This book was published in 2002 but it has a quality of real timelessness, All the Devils Are Here could well have been written in the 18th or 19th century, or perhaps in fifty years from now. If you live in East Kent, read it. BUY HERE
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Upcoming Events at The Margate Bookshop

Sunday 14 July: Vive la (Reading) Révolution! with Simon Cole Free book crawl/literary walk around Margate dipping into all things Paris on Bastille Day. Meet at The Margate Bookshop at 16:00, let Simon Cole (Half Day Holidays, Hackney Tours) lead you on a clifftop wander through some classic prose before ending up – like all the writers did – in 'le pub' to swap ideas.

Thursday 18 July: Rough Stuff Fellowship Archive Slideshow and cycle ride Isola Press have just released a beautiful book celebrating the Rough Stuff Fellowship, the oldest cycle touring club in the country. Join Max Leonard (writer, Isola Press founder) for an evening slideshow presentation and drinks. I'm also in the process of organising a weekend cycle ride to further celebrate this - details TBC!

Thursday 25 July: Margate Book Club #20 - Lanny The Margate Bookshop will be hosting the 20th edition of Margate Book Club! This month's read is Lanny by Max Porter (available here) and as always new members are welcome. 

Saturday 27 July and Sunday 28 July: The Bookie is back! This Summer edition of the Margate Bookie festival sees a weekend of writing workshops  and the Margate Bookie Slam at Elsewhere which is NOT to be missed. Headlining is Neelam Saredia-Brayley, followed by ten of Kent's finest slammers, taking to the stage to pit their words against one another to earn their shot at the Kent Poetry Championship. Tickets and details can be found here
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