The Margate Bookshop Newsletter VI

The Margate Bookshop opens its doors!

I’m rushedly writing this from the shop to automatically send out tomorrow morning, as tomorrow (Monday) I have a day off! It’s the first day off I will have had in one or two months, possibly more. I am going to cycle my bike along the coast and lie on a beach doing absolutely nothing. The Margate Bookshop will be open as usual though! And you’ll get the chance to meet the lovely Anna who will be running the shop from ten til four.

First off, apologies for completely missing the newsletter in which I should have announced my big opening date! It’s been insanely hectic: the d.i.y. work involved right up until the morning of last Sunday (and well, ongoing) was insane, the continued support from friends was incredible, and the long weekend was probably the happiest moment of my life to date, with myself perpetually on the verge of crying from joy. And then crying from joy. Since then I’ve sold, many, many books. I’ve already had to put two new orders through to replenish shelves – the space on the bookshelf reserved for identity and gender study related non-fiction has been reduced to a mere four titles, I’ve completely sold out of Rooney, MacFarlane, Lorde... and aside from these I’m starting to identify which books have been my bestsellers (should I have a monthly chart?). Fear not, another big order is coming in tomorrow (Monday) morning.
I’ve met countless amazing people, discussed a myriad of ideas for events and projects to come, been moved to tears by the enthusiasm and support, not just locally. I’ve eaten oysters (for the first time) while bemoaning the Telegraph article in which I was misquoted (though nonetheless, it’s quite exciting to appear in multiple news articles and not all local papers, when I hadn’t even been open a week). I’ve shared my favourite books with customers, but also taken a variety of recommendations from others, added them to my stock, and delightedly watched someone else happen upon the book.
This first week has truly been amazing, and I still haven’t found the words through which to express my gratitude and joy. Thank you. This has felt like an end point for me for so long, that I keep forgetting I’m only just at the start of a big adventure. But so far, this is the happiest I’ve ever been, the most fulfilled I’ve ever felt.
You’ll find The Margate Bookshop at 2 Market Place (next door to The Greedy Cow), open everyday 10-6 and Mondays 10-4. Over on Instagram, Facebook and, to a certain extent, Twitter, I’ve been documenting my journey in “building a bookshop”, follow for a full behind the scenes and my personal account of leaving (almost) everything behind to start a business from scratch...
Apologies for the lack of book-related content in this newsletter, but if you come find me in the shop I’m sure I can make up for it.
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