February 2023

It’s a fine romance with all my new crochet projects:)

Do you also get super excited when you have something new to crochet?

I just love it!

Have you seen our February pillow? It’s the second instalment in our Pillow Talk crochet series for 2023.

Crochet the Pinwheel Pillow (February: Pillow Talk)   // SS246

I know it’s only my second project into the series but this one has been my favourite to work on so far.😍 I love how the pattern and design shape came together. And! It was such a simple stitch that I used. A single crochet stitch worked into the back loops only and that was it!

I added a little extra dimension to the texture by placing the triangle motifs in oppositional directions so that all the coral triangle had horizontal lines and the white triangles had all vertical lines.

Did you check out the Zipper tutorial?

You’ll want to keep this video handy for future pillow projects. In this one I show you how I hand sew my zippers onto my crochet projects. In fact, it was the pinwheel pillow that I used to show you how.

We’ll be using zipper closures in a few more of the pillow projects coming up, so make sure to save this tutorial to refer back to in future. 👍

How to sew a Zipper tutorial

To our our winner of the 10,000 subscriber giveaway contest!

For Baby : The Winter Sparkle Blanket

Looking for an elegant and quick baby blanket to make? The Winter Sparkle blanket is just the one! It’s worked from the centre out and very beginner friendly. With the simplicity of working the Mesh stitch with a few rounds of Half Double Crochet stitches, you’ll love working this blanket up.

How about some Baby Mittens to go with that?

Winter’s still here and you want to keep those precious little hands warm. This is another cute and quick project you can whip up to add to any little one’s ensemble. The other great thing is that you don’t have to worry about the thumbs! 😂

Check out the tutorial!

Learn to Crochet Baby Mittens (Size 0 - 6 mo)  //  SS248

The Easiest Crochet Cowl!

If you’ve ever looked for the easiest cowl to crochet, you have found it! This is created using the Half Double Crochet stitch worked into the back loops. That’s it! You create a chain in the round and then you keep repeating the half double crochet stitch until you get to the length that you want for your cowl.

I love making my cowls chunky so that’s why I always crochet a nice long length so I can fold it over or pull it up over my face if needed. Often I prefer cowls to scarves because they aren’t so bulky inside your coat. What do you like better? Cowls or Scarves?

This month's free pattern is for this cowl!