August 2022

We’ve got more shawls by the sea shore for you this month! Did you catch the Seaside Shawl for August’s project in our Shawl We Crochet Series? This one definitely stole my heart. From the stitch I used to the yarn I worked with, this one was a true delight to work up!

I absolutely loved crocheting with this light weight yarn; the Bebe Luv Baby yarn in these three colours: White, Baby Mint & Aqua Teal.

The hook I used was a 4.0 mm which some know as a size G/6. It worked up the Crystal Waves stitch so beautifully. The stitch itself is so lovely in its texture that this shawl project didn’t need anything else added to it. One stitch - which consists of chains and Double Crochets and you can work this shawl up in no time.

Check out the video tutorial below:

The Seaside Shawl Video Tutorial

Babies on the brain!

This summer had quite a few new additions to the friends and fam group so there were lots of baby projects on the go. Did you see my sneak peek into many of the upcoming tutorials?

Crochet Goodies for Baby  - Tutorials Coming Soon!

I was so excited to put together this gift box for my sister-in-law’s baby shower. So fun!

The design was inspired by my own baby blanket which was made for me by one of my aunts. This sweet pinwheel design was actually pretty popular in the 70’s. I took the wheel idea and created the Sunshine Blanket for my own own niece or nephew due to arrive next month!

Speaking of inspiration…

Bathroom tiles were the inspiration for creating this motif. I have been looking at them for months thinking, “this could be a cool crochet design”. After woking on the idea for ages, the motif is finally here. And! I have something really fun in store for how I’m going to use this motif. You’ll have to stay tuned to see how I’m going to use it;)

How will you use your motif? Drop me a line and let me know;)

P.S. You will see this stitch used in an upcoming project very soon!

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Happy Crocheting and enjoy the last of summer!