April 2023

Spring is beginning to do its thing - finally! There’s nothing more exciting than crocheting into a new season. Let’s start with our Pillow Talk project for April.

Is this pillow not the cutest thing? I made this just in time for the Easter holiday and it was a hit in my niece’s bedroom. Hence the name: Easter Parade. It’s so easy to crochet that you won’t believe it! If you know how to do a double crochet then you’ll whip this up in no time.

With this easy design you are able to create two different looks. The front has a ribbon closure which adds to its cuteness but also makes it extremely easy to cover your insert.

When you turn it around, you have this really pretty diamond-like shape that just brings these spring colours to life. A medium 4 weight, acrylic yarn is perfect for this Spring project and the sky is the limit when it comes to colour choice and how many colours to have.

The other really fun thing about this pillow is that it’s simply made from a large granny square. So if you get a little sick of it as a pillow, you can use it as a doll blanket or a car seat blanket for baby. The multifunction aspect off this design really is my favourite part.

Check out the video tutorial below to create your own:)

Easter Parade Pillow Tutorial

Speaking of babies!

Have you checked out the Bluebells baby blanket? So many of our YouTube crochet friends LOVED this project. So sweet! And another fairly quick one to make.

This project was especially delightful to make because of the yarn I used. It was so soft and lovely that the expectant mother I gifted it to couldn’t get over how soft it was. Moreover, the drape is just beautiful. I used the Flecks yarn by Loops and Threads in the colour POOL BLUE.

I have used the Flecks yarn before in other colours but by far, this blue colour was my favourite. It’s a medium 4 weight and I used a 6.0 mm which is why this blanket has a beautiful drape. By going up slightly to a larger hook size than recommended, it allowed the stitches to fall a little loser, which gives it great movement and adds to an extra soft feel. Loved it!

With a little variation on the Primrose stitch, you get the Bluebells baby blanket:) Another very beginner friendly project using basic stitches like Double crochets and Single crochets but it looks more intricate and textured than you might think it is.

Have you seen the video tutorial? Click below to crochet along.

Bluebells Baby Blanket video tutorial

Are you ready for this?!

For all you Granny Square lovers out there, you are going to adore this motif. It’s the Elegant Lace Granny square! It’s a touch of elevated vintage added to your traditional granny squares. It’s much lacier in nature and can be used to create so many beautiful projects. In fact, I’m working on something right now using this motif, so stay tuned for that crochet tutorial coming out soon;)

 Now the vintage granny square has been around forever and there are several variations in this popular motif. For mine, I decided to add a fifth round instead of stopping at Round 4. I felt it maintained the points of the square nicely and also gave the sides the structure it needed since we are basically taking a circular shape and transforming it into a square. These are so pretty and not as complicated as they look! The only stitch a little more advanced in this motif is the Cluster Stitch but if you understand your Double crochet and take your time, you’ll quickly catch on how to stitch it.

Elegant Vintage Lace Granny Square Tutorial

…And speaking of more Grannies!

Never underestimate the impact of simplicity!

And for this month’s written pattern gift you’re getting this pretty little project:)