October & November 2022

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Lots to catch up on so let’s dive in!

Now let’s dive into October crochet

We start off by remembering our shawl project for October: The DRAMA QUEEN SHAWL which used what is traditionally known as the Dragon Tail shape. This one was very fun and much easier to create than I had anticipated. I must say, I would actually use this more as a scarf than I would a shawl but most people tout this as a shawl.

I used 2 skeins of the Craft Smart yarn for this modest length. For a proper full shawl, you would definitely want to make it longer but I think the pointed end would just end up curling a lot. In any case, I was very happy with how the length of mine came out.

You can find this medium 4 weight yarn exclusively at Michael’s and the colour of my shawl is Clay Ombre. Perfect for a Fall accessory!

Check out the free video tutorial below:

Drama Queen Shawl

What are your favourite Fall makes?

Ah… crispy Autumn weather is my favourite time of year for crochet design inspiration. What are your favourite things to work on? Is it hats or scarves? Or maybe you like to dive into cardigans and afghans? It’s all so delightful to me!

However, I do like to come up with new scarf designs or at least find new ways of using a common pattern or stitch - like the Granny Rectangle. This shape is very popular with your guys! So…. I decided to make it a scarf.

The Granny Rectangle Scarf

Baby Socks

From baby hats to baby socks. I definitely had little people on the brain while crocheting in the month of October. 👶 I just couldn’t resist!

If you’ve ever wondered how to construct crochet socks then this is a good project for you to try out. Here I used a lightweight 3 yarn. Truboo by Lion Brand to be exact. Lightweight yarn is the way to go for his kind of project as anything heavier just turns out too bulky. I used the White and the Mint colours to crochet my socks.

Have you seen my Basic Baby Booties tutorial? If you like the Baby Socks, you’ll like this one. There’s links for both of these projects down below:

Baby Socks tutorial

October’s Crochet Pattern Gift

Let’s take a look at November’s Shawl

The Ruana shape is the one we worked on at the top of this month. It’s our second last one on our Shawl We Crochet series for 2022! Can you believe we’re almost at the end of the year?

What I love about this shawl shape is that it takes a very basic form and elevates it to something very chic. The idea here, is to take two rectangles and stitch them together half way up. In one way it looks like a coat and in another it looks like a poncho or a cloak. Love it!

Have you seen my Christmas Crochet Tour for 2022 yet?

I hope you will get inspired to create your own versions of some of these holiday makes. Many of them make for great holiday decor and some of them will make lovely gifts.


Remember to let me know what your favourite items are to crochet for the holiday season and leave me a comment at the bottom of that video. You will be entered in our 10,000 subscriber giveaway. My goal is to get there before Christmas and we are currently at 9,150 so I think we can do it! Make sure to comment and subscribe to be entered!

Christmas Crochet Tour 2022!  //  SS228a

November’s Crochet Pattern Gift