May 2022

The sun is shining more brightly these days and the summer vibes are starting to take hold. New crochet adventures await!

I wanted to start off by giving a big shout out to Pia and Pam from the Northern Illinois chapter of the Crochet Guild of America! It’s so lovely to connect with crocheters from all over. Pam has been so kind to write a pattern for us for the Bathroom Mini Rug project from last Spring and you’ll find that down at the bottom as your free written pattern gift for this month.

Thank you Pam! And if you’d like to check out all the wonderful things going on at the Crochet Guild, you can check them out by clicking the button below:)

NI Crochet Guild

May’s Shawl Project

For May, I had wedding bells on the brain. This is the month that usually kicks off wedding season and I thought it would be a great time to create another bridal shawl. This one is created using the trapezoid shape - which fits perfectly with the bell theme. It’s longer along the top and narrows in a little towards the bottom, which reminds me of an upside down bell.

The drape on this shawl is just gorgeous. I am really happy with how this one came out. Using a combination of the X’s and O’s stitch and the shell stitch gives this shawl a beautiful, romantic touch.

And if you didn’t catch the tutorial on the bridal fascinator you see above, check it out here:

Bridal Fascinator tutorial

Now, what really helped to give this shawl the look and feel of pure elegance was the yarn I used.

To keep the stitches loose and lacey, I used a 5.0 mm hook and four skeins of the Bebe Luv yarn.

And yes! There will be a written pattern for this one coming very soon to my Etsy shop. I know how popular bridal shawls are;) My Starflower Bridal shawl from 2019 was a big hit.

Crochet Bridal Shawl - April's  Gift of Crochet (Stitch Sessions #32)
Star Flower Bridal Shawl pattern

Check out the video tutorial for the Wedding Bells shawl for 2022 here:

How to crochet the Wedding Bells Shawl - May's Shawl (Shawl we Crochet series 2022)  // SS203

A Cozy Cardigan Project!

The Sweater Coat Duster project was a great segue from our wedding bells shawl because we revisited the X’s and O’s stitch again. So many great ways to use it! By using a chunkier yarn and a slightly different combination of stitches with it, you have a lovely cardigan project!

Now, although things are warming up now, this is actually a great time to start a warm weather project. It will gives you loads of time to get it done in time for Fall;)

But who wants to think about Fall when we are just starting to see the wonders of summer perk its pretty head? So you can also grab a light weight 3 or fine weight 2 yarn and create the same project and bam! You have a summer duster cardigan in your hands. Simply changing your yarn can create such versatility in the crochet designs you choose to create.

Check out the video tutorial below for this project.

Sweater Coat Duster video tutorial

And for those that wanted a closer look at my Azores Trip…

The travel vlog of my first week is now up on the channel for those that would like to come along!

São Miguel Trave Vlog

This pattern was kindly written out by Pam Perry of the NI Crochet Guild of America.