Christmas Crafting with Crochet!

December 2021

We’re in the final stretch of the year! Can you believe it? I hope you have been enjoying all that Christmas crafting has to offer - especially when it comes to crochet:)

I was so into the Victorian Christmas theme this year and I just loved creating some of these smaller projects like this Victorian mini wreath ornament. Super quick to make and added such a lovely touch to my tree.

Victorian Wreath Ornament

Did you catch our cute Christmas Cloak project? I used this little cloak to turn my Buddha statue into a temporary Christmas Angel;) I was pretty proud of this one! With this design you can also make it life size for a child or an adult. Such a fun Christmas accessory!

Christmas Cloak Tutorial


This month is also our last instalment in the 2021 crochet series: LIFE’S a BEACH.

Learn to crochet the Loops & Arrows Throw

Did you catch that last project? It’s a great one for working on throughout the holiday break, if you’re looking for a Christmas vacation project. It’s the Loops & Arrows beach throw. It’s wonderful for those breezy summer nights by the cottage fire or for cozying up next to the Christmas mantle. It’s a modular project so you can take it with you anywhere to work on. I Think you’ll really enjoy this:)

If you’d like to check out the whole series Playlist, check out the link below:


Coming Soon!

What are you going to be working on this holiday season? Do you tend to like working on a larger project or do you plan on taking a full on break from crochet to rest your hands?

I have been noticing that every once in a while my wrists, hands and fingers need a wee rest. I’m curious to know what some of the techniques you use to rest your hands so that you are rejuvenated to take on more projects.

For me, I tend to just go a week or so and not pick up any projects. Boy is it hard sometimes! I do notice that when I have given my hands a bit of rest, I am able to jump right back into stitching with ease. I’d love to share some of your rest habits. Please do drop me a line at and let me know some of your techniques. I know many of our readers would be grateful for the advice.

Did you catch my tutorial on the beginner crochet slippers? So cozy and so simple to make! A great add on to any gift!

Crochet Snuggly Slippers  - GREAT FOR BEGINNERS!  //  SS#177                      #crochetslippers

I am so excited to continue to crocheting into the new year with you all. Thank you so much for all your comments and requests over the year. If you haven’t seen your tutorial request yet, please do know they are on their way! I appreciate your kinship and the way the craft of crochet has created new friends and a sense of connection and community.

Wishing you all a most beautiful, holiday season. May it be filled with extra love and laughter. Whether you are sharing it with family and friends or if you are on your own this Christmas, please know that you matter and you are loved. I know that life can be quite a challenging journey sometimes, but I strongly believe in the general goodness of people and that everyone has beauty of soul within them. I see yours and I cherish it. Thank you for being my crochet friend.

Happy holidays and please enjoy my gift to you.

A free written pattern for the Holly Jolly Holiday Scarf.

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