July 2022

It’s one of my favourite month’s of the year and I have been immersing myself in beach getaways and crochet. Listening to the water lapping on the shore while I crochet, in the early morning when there’s no one else around is one of my favourite things. What’s your summer pleasure? Are you an outdoor crocheter or do you strictly like to be indoors in your favourite chair to crochet?

The days are long and lovely and I am enjoying every minute of it!

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Have you been working on our July project for our the Shawl We Crochet series? The Summer Breeze Shawl makes for a perfect add-on to any cottage wardrobe. It’s lacey and airy for breathability and yet it’s just the thing for keeping the chill off in the evenings.

The simple Mesh stitch is what I used to create this design and we returned to the traditional triangle shape for this one. What was different from our Valentina triangle shawl is that we worked from the point up this time. Then we finished it off with this lovely scalloped border using chain stitches. It’s perfect for a beginner Shawl project for sure!

For this shawl I used the Swirl Shawl yarn by Loops & Threads. As I explain in the tutorial, I am actually not a fan of this roving yarn because of how it can really change the look of a design due to its inconsistent weight. I had this cake left from a previous project so for a mesh stitch design, it worked out fine. And to give an extra relaxed drape I used a 6.5 mm hook.

Summer Breeze Shawl tutorial

If you missed the tutorial on the Valentina Shawl you can see it here:

Shawl We Crochet -February 2022 - Crochet the Valentina Shawl  //  SS190

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