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June 13, 2019

Meet a Magnolia Teacher

The faculty and staff of Magnolia School continues to grow and we are pleased to introduce Colleen Block, who will be teaching 6th and 7th grade science. 

Colleen Block graduated from the University of New Mexico with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry and a Bachelor of Arts in German. Throughout high school and college she worked at Sandia National Laboratories in an organic chemistry laboratory, participating in materials science research. Highlights of her education include a year studying German in Bonn, Germany and a summer conducting biochemistry research in Nigeria. After graduation, Colleen worked as a technical writer for Sandia Laboratories before getting married and moving to Houston. In addition to her work at Sandia, Colleen volunteered as a tutor and after graduation she worked with at-risk children in an after-school program. Most recently, she is homeschooling three of her six children and teaching science at a homeschool supplemental program. Colleen loves photography and exploring the chemistry of cooking. She can usually be found reading a good book with 3 or 4 children on her lap.

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Magnolia Family Fun

Resident Magnolia entomology expert, Mrs. Block, shares some great ideas for filling your summer with monarchs!

In addition to serving as the lovely mascot of Magnolia School, the monarch butterfly is a creature everyone likes to have in their garden. So, what are some ways you can attract them to your very own backyard? Follow these simple tips, start small, and you’ll soon find yourself the grateful host for a royal visit.

1. Plant several host plants. A host plant is the plant on which the butterfly lays its eggs. For a monarch butterfly, this is the milkweed plant. Try to include at least two different native milkweed plants in your garden. The best milkweed species for Houston are: Showy Milkweed (A. speciose), Butterflyweed (A. tuberosa), and Red Milkweed (A. incarnata).* 

2. Choose a spot with at least 6 hours of full sun a day. It also helps if the garden is sheltered from the wind. Planting near the side of a house or fence helps to shelter the flowers and provide protection for the butterflies.

3. Don’t forget to feed your monarchs! Monarchs eat nectar from a variety of other native plants. Monarchs need this nectar to give them energy for flight and migration. Some beautiful native flowers that are very attractive to monarchs are: White Mistflower, Liatris, Gaillardia pulchella (also known as Indian blanket), and Gomphrena ‘Fireworks’. 

*It is important to plant native varieties of milkweed. Unfortunately, many garden stores sell Tropical Milkweed, which in Houston does not die in winter. A protozoan parasite of monarch butterflies (Ophryocystis elektroscirrha – OE for short) can travel with monarchs visiting the plants and become deposited on leaves. Native milkweeds die back in the winter, and the parasite dies along with them so that each summer’s monarch population feeds on fresh, parasite-free foliage. If you do happen to have Tropical Milkweed, no need to panic! Just make sure to cut it all the way back to 6 inches every winter.

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Admissions News

The Admissions Office is busy with new applicants and inquiries every week!  Thank you for sharing the Magnolia School story with your friends. It is a joy to meet so many families and their daughters who understand the mission of the school and are excited to be a part of it.



Magnolia continues to accept applications and the Admissions Committee will render decisions based on availability in the desired grade of entry.

While several of our grades are near capacity, we will continue to accept applications and the Admissions Committee will render decisions based on availability in the desired grade of entry.


Applicants for grades that are at capacity will be placed in a wait pool once they have completed the admissions process. Wait pools allow us to offer admission to a prospective student should a vacancy occur in the desired grade of entry.


Saturday, June 29th 2:30pm – 3:30pm ~ 1506 Pine Chase, Houston, TX 77055

Please join us and invite your friends to learn more about a Magnolia School education and all that it has to offer!  This informal setting allows you to meet the Head of School, Annamarie Omanga as she shares the vision and philosophy unique to Magnolia and to ask any questions you might have.  You can RSVP on our website or send an email to  For questions or for more information, please contact Claire Pelletier at (281) 786-4000 or

Art Niche 

Summer Day
Nikolay Bogdanov-Belsky, 1931

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