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2018 Region 6 Convention: We Light the Way

     Those of us that were so blessed to attend 2018 Region 6 Convention in Portland, ME may be familiar with the reference to G1, G2, L, 2. The elevator finally arrived at ‘L’, a.k.a the Lobby, where the registration table and many of the workshops were located.
   May I now sing the loud praise to all those people in the back group as well as in front of the mics that worked for 18 months to put together this amazing convention. The convention chairs that worked so diligently with the committee members to organize, orchestrate, to do the work of “getting it all together” – the diligence, amazing service. The intergroup and individual meeting baskets were beautiful and generously donated to help raise funds for Region 6.
     I cannot say enough about my experience of the We Light the Way Convention, but I need to share with you three short stories:
     The service from the hotel registration people was top notch. They were absolutely bombarded with approximately 500 OA members from all over Region 6, as well as some from Texas and New Jersey. The front desk courteously made and distributed room key cards as well as parking spaces – even pleasantly issuing me a second room card after I lost mine only two hours later. I approached the desk like a dog with my tail between my legs and admitted to my harried lack of responsibility. The gentle, kind soul behind the desk warmly smiled and replied “No worries … people have lost theirs in much shorter times – sometimes even between here and the elevator.”
     The second experience I wish to share was the difficulty we had using our room card; it worked intermittently. It was very frustrating Friday evening, but on Saturday, maintenance came and replaced the entire lock mechanism. What a great, fast turnaround. What would have been a dark shadow looming over my enjoyment of this wonderful weekend, OA has taught me to see the good. 
The elevator finally arrived at ‘L’, more commonly known as the Lobby. With my luggage I boarded the busy elevator and headed down. stopping at G2, G1, 1st, then my floor.
     I am exhausted and exhilarated at the same time. I reach my vehicle, a small compact car to find the next vehicle blocked my driver’s side with each of our mirrors practically touching. With my opposite side near the parking garage wall, I am grateful that I am no longer 237 lbs and am able to enter my passenger’s side. I’m grateful I am limber enough to maneuver over the console to enter the driver’s side without too much trouble.
     I am grateful for OA helping me to lose the weight and giving me a blueprint for living. This gift gave me the ability to simply drive away and not need to react inappropriately. I didn’t retaliate – in the past I might have felt the need to damage the other driver’s car: smashing the door or the mirror as I pull out. Instead, I have a program that helps me release these resentments. Thank you OA. It’s good to know I’m home.
- Anonymous

Celebrate Unity Day with
Ocean & Bay Intergroup of RI

Unity Day is a worldwide celebration of the strength we find in the diversity within our fellowship of Overeaters Anonymous.

We come together simply as compulsive eaters seeking the common solution found in the 12 steps of OA, and sharing in the healing power of love within this diverse fellowship.

     Saturday, February 24, 2019
     1:00 - 4:00 pm
Park in Lot B & follow Path 4
More info at
     Butler Hospital
     The Ray Convention Center
     345 Blackstone Blvd
     Providence, RI
     Click here for directions
No matter what our differences may be, we are all OA

Doing the Steps in an Unlikely Spot

      When a sponsee asked me about starting a step workshop using OA’s Twelve Step Workshop and Study Guide, I checked into all the locations where we had our local meetings, but none could accommodate us. After I heard about a member who had started a group around her dining room table, I started thinking beyond the usual meeting places. I realized that our condominium building’s all-purpose room might be available, but a program friend had another idea. She heard that the local supermarket made its conference room available to community groups. I wasn’t sure about approaching them, but I did have to admit that the supermarket would be more centrally located, with plenty of parking, so I gave it a try. It just took a letter explaining our reason for using the room, and a few days later we got the approval to meet there.
     For 13 weeks, we studied, wrote, and shared on the steps in this unlikely spot. Since then, people have asked whether I’d be doing it again. I’d like to, but this time around, I’ll probably try it a different way. Other members are now using video conferencing software to bring folks together remotely to do the step workshop. That has the advantage of letting people come together from a broader geographic area, and since it can be done remotely, it’s less likely that people would miss a session due to vacations, family obligations, or illness. But no matter where or how the step workshop is done, OA’s Twelve Step Workshop and Study Guide provides all you need to lead one. Think about it!
In grateful service,

Meeting Accessibility

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Meeting Accessibility

Is your meeting handicapped accessible?  If so, help us reach compulsive eaters in need of handicap accessible meetings by notifying us so we can update our meeting lists.

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