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Issue 66

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Ey up <<First Name>>, how are you?

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside! On Monday, I took advantage of a day off to go spend some time in Scarborough. Much needed and, according to Google Maps, my first time outside of the Leeds metropolitan boundary in months. The Sealife Centre, a nice walk, some nice food, ice cream and 2p machines. A lovely bit of self care right there.

It was a nice day to be able to forget for the moment about the difficulties we are all facing. I was in two minds about sharing this with you, but I will. Leeds Beer Tours isn’t exempt from the cost-of-living crisis and as people quite rightly tightened their belts, my April turnover dropped 60% when compared to March and February. That is a significant drop off in business and a devastating blow when things should be picking up for Summer. That means I have had to think hard about the future, especially as all the experts forecast the climate to get much worse in the coming months.

From June, I have decided to stop my Wednesday and Thursday tours and adjust start times on a Saturday so I can run two tours per day. Midweek tours are nice to do, but often only attract one or two people. Saturdays are by far my busiest day and I need to exploit this more.

This all sounds a little serious and bleak, for my usually upbeat and light-hearted email. So, to end on a positive; I am very optimistic about the long term future of Leeds Beer Tours. There is more to come this year in terms of special events, such as The Tetley’s 200 Year Anniversary week. Plus, I am also in the early stages of a major event that I am hoping to deliver in 2023, but I am not going to go into any specifics on that for a while yet.

On a different note, Lou Stringer has written a wonderful blog all about my Explore the Archives sessions at The Tetley a few weeks ago. Please take a moment to read.

Read Lou’s Blog

In this week’s issue of Leeds Beer Shorts, Bosun’s and Leeds get on the Jubilee train, Truth Hurts bring us a Sleeping Dragon, and the Amityfest brewery line-up is confirmed.

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