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dan e. hendrickson
"The fun is in the journey!"
Hi Everyone,

Well it has been about two months since you have heard from yours truly. I am sure you have all heard that ‘The Last Enemy’, the concluding book to my Trilogy will be out by April 1st.    I am very excited to wind up this story for you all, and I think you will not be disappointed. It is a exciting thrill ride like the first two. My next two novels will be prequel’s to The Last Enemy Series. As I wrote the series I began to see that there was a lot of room to develop both Jim and Jacob Edward’s characters.  Both men had such a dynamic and significant effect on Danielle and Marnia through the first three books and I wanted to explore their history as protagonists in their own life defining dramas. The Prequel’s will be called “The Legend of Deputy Jim”, and “The Commander”.  These two novels are already written and are in the editing production process right now. 

After ‘The Commander’ is published  I will be focusing on publishing the current book I am working on that I have not even come up with a solid name for yet. It will be set in the early 19th century  Caribbean, and especially around the island of Jamaica. There will be pirates, British Navy war ships, harbor bars, and even a Shaolin Priest. Guaranteed  lots of action. But this one will have a little bit more of a romance spin to it than the others. 

I sure love coming up with these stories and taking you on adventures.
 The Fun is in the Journey!

Here is an excerpt from my sixth novel I am working on. It's going to be titled something like 'Brandy, the Ballard of a Pirate Princess'

Caribbean Ocean Between Jamaica and Southern Tip of Florida 1829 
“Hold you guard up and widen your stance. You not on solid ground, the sea is a tricky old bitch an she will test you.” The scarlet mistress then presses her attack to cause her 15-year-old daughter to step back barely able to meet her mother’s lighting fast barrage of slashes and jabs done with a savage pair of rapier and dagger. Brandy is never allowed to practice with more than one blade at a time, her mother sneering that if she can’t protect herself with one blade then she has no right to live. The English Man of War cutter rolls slightly back making the mother to lean forward to adjust her balance which causes her to press to hard with her right handed thrust of her rapier. Brandy sees the opening and brings her rapier up and in a slight arc that catches the attacking blade in a downward curve that she violently twists and causes her mother to lose control of the weapon, Brandy then grabs it from her with her left hand. Before her mother can respond with a counter using her dagger Brandy takes both rapiers and brings them down on the dagger with a vicious stroke that sends it flying across the deck and bouncing up and over the rail into the ocean. Using her right foot, she sweeps her mothers front knee causing the women to fall back and land on her bottom. She then crosses both blades and steps in close, putting the two razor sharp edges against her mother’s throat and says, “Yield”.

This will be a new series that will come out after The Last Enemy books and their prequels are published. "The Fun is in the Journey!"

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I was truly honored in 2018 to have my Book: The Cartel Crusher to be nominated for the prestigious Grunter Award!
Grant Leishman is an amazing author and talent!
Check out his new book on Amazon:
Love Beyond
Master Martial Artists,Hollywood Stuntman and Actor, Bill Shaw recommends "The Good Fight!" 
The Good Fight by Dan E. Hendrickson is an enjoyable action-packed story that has believability at the very top of its most engaging qualities. I found the fight sequences in the book to be well orchestrated, explained carefully, and brought to a believable and realistic conclusion utilizing well selected and applied methodologies. 
Dan is a former student of mine and I was glad to see what he remembered with such detail. He establishes the martial arts prowess of the main female protagonist, Danielle, by the way she vanquishes her opponents in a much more believable manner than usually undertaken by most writers. Her awareness and superior knowledge affords her a powerful advantage in executing decisively effective tactics—often utilizing the additional element of surprise.
In short, the action is refreshingly believable by keeping the physical conflicts within the realities of human combat. This really makes the drama of the book come alive and pulls you into the experience.
I highly recommend The Good Fight to anyone who likes thrilling drama-action that elevates honor and integrity.  The believable martial-arts portrayals within a really good story with relatable characters, makes for a great read.
Bill Shaw
Bill Shaw is a five time world champion black-belt fighter who has taught an elite form of combined fighting arts for almost five decades. He’s trained both civilians and government personnel in practical and effective street and combat techniques with strategic and esoteric advantages. As a recognized expert, he has been called upon to choreograph numerous cinematic fight sequences in a number of feature movies. In 2015, he was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Masters Hall Of Fame.
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