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Master Martial Artists, Actor, Hollywood fight Choreographer Bill Shaw Recommends The Good Fight!
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The Good Fight by Dan E. Hendrickson is an enjoyable action-packed story that has believability at the very top of its most engaging qualities. I found the fight sequences in the book to be well orchestrated, explained carefully, and brought to a believable and realistic conclusion utilizing well selected and applied methodologies.  

Dan is a former student of mine and I was glad to see what he remembered with such detail. He establishes the martial arts prowess of the main female protagonist, Danielle, by the way she vanquishes her opponents in a much more believable manner than usually undertaken by most writers. Her awareness and superior knowledge affords her a powerful advantage in executing decisively effective tactics—often utilizing the additional element of surprise.

In short, the action is refreshingly believable by keeping the physical conflicts within the realities of human combat. This really makes the drama of the book come alive and pulls you into the experience.

I highly recommend The Good Fight to anyone who likes thrilling drama-action that elevates honor and integrity.  The believable martial-arts portrayals within a really good story with relatable characters, makes for a great read.

Bill Shaw
Bill Shaw is a five time world champion black-belt fighter who has taught an elite form of combined fighting arts for almost five decades. He’s trained both civilians and government personnel in practical and effective street and combat techniques with strategic and esoteric advantages. As a recognized expert, he has been called upon to choreograph numerous cinematic fight sequences in a number of feature movies. In 2015, he was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Masters Hall of Fame organization.
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Customer Review

5.0 out of 5 starsFinally, the long-expected action genre
ByKarynHon September 4, 2018
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
Finally, the long-expected action genre
Super exciting fast-paced action genre, the Cartel Crusher by Hendrickson is one book you will find yourself glued to. This book is certainly a source of encouragement for any woman out there. In this action novel with a lot of twists, we can see how the events in Mariana’s life helped shape her future. From a weak naïve girl begging for mercy in the hands of the Caribbean pirate Dominic to a strong influential girl of the upper class who dedicated her life to fighting off bad people and to keep the country safe from those cartels that have been a cause of fear around for years.
Hendrickson is certainly an interesting author to watch out for. He knows how to tell a good story. I’m certain I will be reading this book over and over again so I can assimilate all the actions this book. I strongly recommend this book to young girls in their early adult years who are passing through some challenges in life. They will certainly find a source of encouragement in the character of Mariana to give them the needed push in life. I wish the author can make this story into a series.

Editorial Review

Reviewed By:

Grant Leishman

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Reviewed By Grant Leishman for Readers’ Favorite

Marnia Gonzalez is the daughter of the ex-President of Mexico. After she is kidnapped and brutally assaulted by cartel criminals and rescued by the legendary Hero of Cozumel, Commander Jacob Edwards of the U.S. Coast Guard, Marnia makes a decision that will change her life and those of all the people she loves. In The Cartel Crusher by Dan E Hendrickson, Marnia eschews her pampered and privileged lifestyle to serve in the Mexican military, and to risk her life chasing down and destroying the criminal cartels that ruin the lives of everyday Mexicans and have their tentacles in every level of Mexican society. Marnia joins the Anti-Cartel Task Force and is soon recognised for her intelligence and her ability to defeat the most cunning of cartel leaders. The beautiful, yet deadly Marnia is the number one target of the criminals at home in Mexico, but even more so by the absolute elite of criminals who form part of a secret society that rules the world. Her life and her family’s lives are in danger, but she is determined to end the cartels’ relentless power and hold over her people. 

One of the real pleasures of being an “indie” book reviewer is being able to watch new and exciting authors emerge and develop as they hone their craft and tighten their narratives. The Cartel Crusher by Dan E Hendrickson is the second book in this series and, having read the first effort, I am thrilled and stunned by the development of this author over the two books. This book is an out and out thriller, with a touch of sweet romance thrown into the mix. I found it “un-put-downable” and read it in virtually a single sitting. Many of the characters I met in the first book reappear, albeit briefly, in this story, but it stands perfectly well as a stand-alone novel in its own right. The author does a magnificent job at refreshing the backstory for those of us who read the first book and introducing it to new readers. The author’s sentence structure and plot coherency have improved markedly between books and he deserves real credit for this. This second book left me intrigued and dying to know where the series will lead us in the third book of the trilogy. If you love action/adventure with real life relevance then you will love The Cartel Crusher – I certainly did.

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