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dan e. hendrickson
"The fun is in the journey!"
Hi Everyone,

I have been thinking a lot about what a huge impact reading books has had on my life. My father among other things was an English Professor. He also was the most prolific reader I have ever known. For him to read three to four full length novels in a week was his standard operating procedure. Sometimes my brother or I would check out books from the library or buy from the book store and bring some home to read. If we left a book out somewhere in the house my father would usually grab it and within a day or two read it and then wait for us to finish it so he could talk to us about the book. Some of the best conversations I had with my father was about those books. He would love to see how much I retained, and if I was able to figure out the plot before it was finished. Some of those books that we had such a great times talking about I in turn shared with my son and daughters. One such set of books were The Horatio Hornblower series by C.S. Forester. My father so loved the detail put into the ship voyages, the development of the characters and how British naval officers and enlisted men functioned on the seventeenth century English cutters and frigates. Because I had such good fellowship with him talking about those books I in turn introduced them to my son who ended up reading more of them than I did. As an author I feel it is a privilege to offer people the same opportunity to enjoy a story and then talk to another about what they experienced in that bookworld while they were there. That is why the theme of this Newsletter and my website is The Fun Is In The Journey. When we read a story it is like taking a journey. And when we find someone else that has taken the same journey then we have something wonderful to talk about.

It’s been a great month in developing and presenting journeys in the BOOKWORLD.  My Book “The Cartel Crusher” has gotten such a fantastic welcome in so many different genre’s and “The Good Fight” is still going strong. Book Three “The Last Enemy”, Is due out sometime in the winter of 2019 and I promise you big questions about Marnia, Jonahan, Danielle, Jim and Jacob will be answered.  Once that is published I will be delving into the back stories of both Jim and Jacob Edwards in the prequels “The Legend of Deputy Jim”, and “The Commander”. After that, who knows?  But there will be more because like you I know, The Fun is in the Journey!
The third and concluding installment of the The last Enemy Series is due out in the next few months. Here is a little bit about it:

Danielle Edwards and Marnia Gonzalez have one huge  thing in common. They both adored, loved,  and looked up to Commander Jacob Edwards. Although Jacob is Danielle’s real father and not Marnia’s she still looks to Jacob as a father figure. Danielle was raised by the Hero of Cozumel and Marnia had her life saved by him. He has deeply impressed both of these young women with a high moral compass and a passion to do what is right no matter the cost. Now, after three years of believing he is dead Marnia has found proof of his being alive. Not only Jacob, but his wife, and mother somehow survived the tragic plane crash over the pacific ocean three years earlier. In book three, The Last Enemy, these two incredible women will join forces and along with the help of family, friends, and one of the most formidable Seal Team commanders alive embark on a quest to rescue The Hero of Cozumel. 

Retired Coast Guard Chief Roberto Garcia is a peaceful man with a tender heart toward God and a passion to protect his family both spiritual and natural. Once in charge of a group of rescue swimmers for the guard, now an independent business man and a home bible fellowship minister he is overjoyed to find out about the rescue mission for his daughter Mary and his son in-law Jacob, and Jacob’s mother Linda who are still alive and being held prisoner somewhere in central America. Although he is grateful that some of the best military and law enforcement talent from two countries are cooperating to bring his family back together he knows that they all are going to need help from a higher source, and he is now beginning to see that his God will call on him to provide that help and confront this last enemy. 

The Last Enemy will be the eagerly anticipated thrill ride that brings together heroes and villains from The Good Fight, and The Cartel Crusher. This climatic ending will challenge us to believe that good can triumph over evil in the real world. At least that is what everyone is hoping for.

Don’t miss The Last Enemy coming in the winter of 2019!
Both books can be purchased at Amazon and Kindle, or
Master Martial Artists,Hollywood Stuntman and Actor, Bill Shaw recommends "The Good Fight!" 
The Good Fight by Dan E. Hendrickson is an enjoyable action-packed story that has believability at the very top of its most engaging qualities. I found the fight sequences in the book to be well orchestrated, explained carefully, and brought to a believable and realistic conclusion utilizing well selected and applied methodologies. 
Dan is a former student of mine and I was glad to see what he remembered with such detail. He establishes the martial arts prowess of the main female protagonist, Danielle, by the way she vanquishes her opponents in a much more believable manner than usually undertaken by most writers. Her awareness and superior knowledge affords her a powerful advantage in executing decisively effective tactics—often utilizing the additional element of surprise.
In short, the action is refreshingly believable by keeping the physical conflicts within the realities of human combat. This really makes the drama of the book come alive and pulls you into the experience.
I highly recommend The Good Fight to anyone who likes thrilling drama-action that elevates honor and integrity.  The believable martial-arts portrayals within a really good story with relatable characters, makes for a great read.
Bill Shaw
Bill Shaw is a five time world champion black-belt fighter who has taught an elite form of combined fighting arts for almost five decades. He’s trained both civilians and government personnel in practical and effective street and combat techniques with strategic and esoteric advantages. As a recognized expert, he has been called upon to choreograph numerous cinematic fight sequences in a number of feature movies. In 2015, he was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Masters Hall Of Fame.
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