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Our Timothy II Philippines Team arrived home just before Thanksgiving. Whether it was traveling by air, boat, on the back of a motorcycle, or on foot, this Team completely left their comfort zones to minister everywhere they could.   They spoke at Churches and Conferences, did a lot of village outreaches, shared in Sunday Schools, Schools, and out in the streets. The three main Pastors that our team worked with were Pastor Emie Kalich on the island of Tacloban, Pastor Bert Montillano in Cebu, and Evangeline Auza and her family on the island of Bohol.  The pictures below show some of their various activities.  

Ozzie Cinko, the senior member of the Philippine Mission Team, was a great example of godly missionary endurance and attitude.  He did everything that the younger Team members did.  He was well known through the islands for his dedication to the Timothy ll "Mabuhay Connection" ministry, as many Filippinos have received clothing or other needed items that Ozzie and his wife,Toni Cinko have been faithful to send for over twenty years.
There are many stories to tell, but the way God used David Betts to preach the Gospel was one of our favorites.  While on an outreach up in the mountains, David spotted this young man who was shoveling rocks, and working very hard.
Dave felt God told him to "leave the 99", as they were already ministering to others, so he went down the mountain and left the crowd to share the Gospel with one person.  Dave was very excited as this young man eagerly asked Jesus to be Lord of his life.  
Joan Betts and Dana Estrada are both artists.  They brought brushes, paints, and canvasses to the Philippines and used their art in teaching Bible studies and sharing prophetic art.  Most of those who painted had never done so, yet their work was amazing.  Many never knew that they had some hidden artistic talents.  
They had a great time painting with their hosts, Pastor Bert Montillano and his lovely wife, Lorein and family at Jesus Christ Anointed One Church in Cebu.  The picture at left ( or above) is in Tacloban at Eternal Life Ministries.

They also painted on the other islands that they went to and used it in their Evangelism.  
Pictured above: Samuel Betts enjoying his travel to the smaller islands and his time with the children. The Lord used Samuel in a Pastoral way as he taught in the Churches.  Every Team member was able to use their own unique, God-given gifts on this trip.
Thanks to all who prayed for the Philippine Team.  The trip did not go without difficulties, yet in everything God was glorified.  Keep praying for the Philippines as one of the churches that they went to was flooded by Typhoon Ursela in December, and the Taal Valcano just errupted this month.  Some of the churches that we work with were able to help many who have been affected by these disasters.
The Timothy II Directors have been faithfully doing so much in the work of the ministry.  I will share their stories and all that God is doing in their nations in the next newsletter.  Thank you for all of your prayers for the Timothy II work.  
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