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SouthArk Library
South Arkansas Community College
El Dorado

Call for Papers:
The Second Annual SouthArk Literary Festival

The second annual South Arkansas Literary Festival will be held on Saturday, March 9. Hosted by the South Arkansas Community College, the SouthArk Library, and in partnership with the Calhoun County Public Library and the Union County Public Library, the festival will be held in the El Dorado Conference Center and on the West Campus of South Arkansas Community College, located near the heart of El Dorado’s charming downtown and the new Murphy Arts District.
This year there will be two tracks. One track will be targeted toward avid readers of great writing. A second track will target attendees who are writers and those interested in the craft of writing. Proposals covering all aspects of great writing and all disciplines are welcome, including the suggested topics below:

  • Arkansas History
  • Arkansas Literature
  • Creative and Academic Writing
  • Graphic Novels and Comics
  • Literary Criticism and Analysis
  • Literary Traditions
  • Poetry
  • Professional Development for Librarians, Teachers, and Writers
  • Self-Publishing
  • Short Story
  • The Future of Libraries
  • The Future of the Book
  • The Word as Art
  • Women’s History
Individuals interested in presenting should electronically submit a 250-word abstract and one-page curriculum vitae to:
Philip C. Shackelford
Library Director
South Arkansas Community College
The proposal deadline is February 11, 2019. Individual presentations and panel proposals are welcome.
Mabee-Simpson Library
Lyon College

Creating Family in Our Library Student Personnel

Last year we started requiring our library student assistants to attend a day-long workshop on library policies, procedures, emergency actions, etc. If they completed the seminar, they received a free library T-shirt and free food!  We also had them vote on what quote would be on the shirt.  I found so many quotes on Pinterest; it was hard to narrow it to the top 10.  We also set a tag slogan for our shirts that reads #Lyonlibraryscots. After the students survived the seminar that day, we catered a meal for everybody.

The staff all took part in this endeavor. Kathy Whittenton taught them how to Interlibrary Loan. Robert Austin taught them how to count money and document the snack bar cash drawer, and how to do several tasks with archives, Brenda Lindsey taught them how to read shelves and tested them with a sorting quiz. I taught them about circulation desk procedures and what to do in emergencies and Dr. Krapohl fetched the chow, the most important project of all! We invited one of our security officers up too and he explained some safe techniques to handle difficult or dangerous situations. We had a great turnout. Hmm, could it be the fact that I sent out an invitation that stated students that did not participate might not be considered for work the coming semester!
We have a lunch for the students at the end of every semester. This year Mi Pueblito catered Mexican for us and all had a great time. It was a walk-in lunch from noon to 2 p.m. in our library orientation classroom. About 75% of the students came which is a good number considering all the stuff they are into at the end of the year.
At the end of the academic year, we also present the “Libris” award to the student who most represents the very best of leadership in the library. The staff and library students vote on their choice and the winner takes home a small plaque and a big one gets their name on it and stays behind the front desk. They also receive 100 dollars in cash. Our seniors also get a gift from the library staff and this is also presented at our luncheon.
We have 24 students, 21 of which are federal work-study students. We also employ three students to run the desk on weekends and after five. We use library funds for this and we no longer have librarians on the night crew.

To summarize, why did we do this? Well, it really creates a cohesion that was missing before!  Students are actually coming to work now and if they skip out, they usually let me know instead of leaving us in a guessing game. They also are acting like they “own” their job. They really do care more about what they do! Finally, as all of us know, the more of a family you create on campus, the less likely those students are to leave. We are increasing retention!
Abington Library
ASU - Beebe

Library Technology Exhibit

The library has installed a permanent exhibit of historic library technology and equipment. The oldest items reach back to the 1940s! Editor's Note: See, this is why we keep everything!
ACHE Library
Arkansas Colleges of Health Education
Fort Smith

Virtual Reality at the ACHE Library

Elizabeth Wright and Connie Manning of the ACHE Library at the Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine – the first college of the Arkansas Colleges of Health Education in Fort Smith, AR – have established a virtual reality educational modality now being used with ARCOM’s first- and second-year medical students.
Funded by a 2018 Technology Enhancement Award from the South Central Region chapter of the National Networks of Libraries of Medicine, the Library purchased the laptops and Oculus Rift headsets needed to create the “VR Stations”, and subscribed to the patient-experience virtual reality software from Embodied Labs. This VR software allows the user to step into the world of a person with conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, macular degeneration, or Parkinson’s disease (an upcoming release), and experience the symptoms and limitations in real-life settings. These immersive VR experiences are a powerful tool for empathy training and allow the students to better understand how disease impacts the patient, their families and their communities.
Response from our first-year class has been very positive:
“I was able to understand more of the progression of the disease and the effect it can have not only on the patient, but on their loved ones as well. Totally great way to give an immersive experience, would love to do it again!”
“This experience made me more aware of the disease, how the patient feels, and the impact it has had on family--all of which are things we may not necessarily see from our perspective as the doctor.”
The ACHE Library will be expanding the program and partnering with faculty to integrate VR learning into the curriculum as a regular teaching modality.

CULD, ARKLink, and Arkansas ACT 141

Some of you may be aware that this past summer and fall CULD and ARKLink members have been discussing Arkansas Act 141 that went into effect on January 1, 2018. Act 141 addresses the taxation of digital content and ebooks. In conversation we have discovered that Arkansas academic libraries are not interpreting the legislation uniformly.

Subsequently, ARKLink and CULD leadership are continuing the conversation and gathering advice from the Arkansas State Library, governmental relations personnel at different institutions, and ArLA leadership to try and obtain clarification on the intent of the legislation. We know Arkansas academic libraries generally invest the majority of their acquisitions budgets into digital databases and this is an important issue for you, and some of our public library colleagues. As our conversations progress we will keep you informed via the ARCULI listserv.

Call For Proposals

ArLA 2019 Conference session proposals are officially open. We've had great participation from academic libraries in the past, so let's keep it going. Submit at:

Breakout session proposals will be accepted until April 20, 2019.

The Arkansas Library Association 2019 Annual Conference will be held Friday, September 27, 2019 through Sunday, September 29, 2019 at the Embassy Suites in Hot Springs, Arkansas. This will also be a joint conference with SELA!

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