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Player Character: The Aelf Changeling
A potent creature indeed, the Golmaeth Changeling is a hybrid of aelf and ent. Imbued with great strength and a savage ferocity, the Golmaeth (‘Tree That Wars’) were originally designed as biological weapons by the near-mythical Aeldor countless millennia ago. They are grown on Birthing Trees – strange hybrids of plant and flesh – deep within the boundless Forests of Mistglom*. They hang like terrible fruit from these trees, gestating within their lichen-encrusted wombs over a period of many years, before finally ripening and being plucked by the enigmatic Shapers. At this stage they are fully grown, but possessing only the most rudimentary animal instincts.
The next step is for specially trained aelfen to merge, mind and body, with the Golmaeth, to form a symbiotic whole. This process is exceptionally dangerous and many aelfen die or go mad, their minds consumed by the animalistic Golmaeth. Only a few exceptionally strong-minded aelfen manage to complete the transfer. Now they are Changeling.
Depending on the stronger psyche, the Changeling will spend most of its time in one particular form – aelf or ent. If the aelf is strong, they can act and appear almost as any other aelf. However, should the Changeling be stronger, eventually the aelf within will be utterly consumed, mind, body and soul. This is a long, agonising process for the aelf. The resultant Changeling is no more than an animal and cannot be controlled. The aelfen hunt them down mercilessly.
*Mistglom is the Syndran name for the sprawling, mist-shrouded realm of the aelf-folk, literally meaning ‘Forest of Mist and Gloom’. The aelfen have a far longer, more complex name for their ancient lands that can be translated roughly as ‘The Eternal Forest That Breathes Beneath The Eternal Stars’.
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