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December 2018

Fire by Night is glowing! 
Welcome to the first issue of the monthly letter of Fire by Night Dreamwork. Here’s a flotilla of flaming thanks to all of you who have participated in Fire by Night over the years as it’s moved from a quiet circle of dream exploration to a certificated practice with multiple offerings and outreach events.
You’re receiving this because you’re a current or previous Fire by Night dreamer, or you’re a friend, colleague, therapist, and creative, curious person who might be interested in dreamwork.
Thank you for opening up the first issue to see what’s new.
Dear Dreamers,
Here are some recent dream images shared in the groups: a gorgeous red and white ‘53 Ford mired in deep mud. A rotted ceiling opening into a vast new room under the roof. A herd of beautiful golden-gray fish with a tender caretaker. A motorcycle rushing out of town with grinning baby girls balanced like outriggers as champagne rains down. So much change and growth underway! What image would you share?
Dreams come to us as emotion-drenched images. Soul-stirring pictures and symbols are the language of dreams, and as we shift from experiencing the dream to telling it, ordinary words often strain to translate the energies of the dream into a tellable tale. We try to outline the story, or describe the scene, or name the feelings. And, however limited the language, when we speak the dream aloud, and then play with it and work on it together, an amazing thing happens: meaning glows from within the dream, intuition leaps to insight, and we begin to perceive waking life differently. Dream story changes life story.

As dreams and synchronicities led me to put down teaching and take up dreamwork full time, it was time for a logo. I asked Linda, my inspired artist friend, to help. “Wait for an image that shows how it feels to do the work,” she said. I did, and here it is. Not quite what I’d imagined at first. I hope when you look at it you’ll see something you recognize. Maybe the inbreaking of an “Aha!” Or the peace of mandala patterning. The unsettling scatter of dream fragments that nevertheless bear light. The shape of the overlapping realities of dreaming and waking. The fascination of light and the beauty of darkness. The realization that dreams, like images in stained glass, point beyond themselves to the “fire by night” or Presence at the heart of life that knows you, loves you, challenges you, changes you.

My hope for you in this season of light is that however you name and celebrate the Mystery, that your dreams may lead you to new perspectives of compassion, courage, creativity, and joy.
Deep dreams,


Free Intro to Dreamwork Classes at Branch Libraries 

In partnership with Nashville Public Library and the Nashville Jung Circle, I’m offering free Intro to Dreamwork classes through branch libraries. Bring a friend and come for a 90-minute dream class.
You’ll get the basics in Jungian dreamwork plus image play, a mini-dream group experience, and a starter guide for personal dreamwork.
Intro to Dreamwork Calendar:
Sat. Dec 8 at East Branch, 11:00-12:30
Tues. Dec. 18 at Madison Branch, 6:00-7:30
Tues. Jan 8 at Green Hills Branch, 11:00-12:30
Thurs., Jan 31 at Green Hills Branch, 6:00-7:30
More will be added monthly: check for updates.
Want more? After an Intro class, sign up for...
Explore your dreams in a secure small group. These are an intro-level dream groups where you’ll
  • share dreams with respect using the projective dreamwork method
  • listen for their wisdom in an open-minded, playful way
  • learn Jungian theory for dreaming and dreamwork
  • begin to integrate dream wisdom into your waking life.
6 meetings, $100 per dreamer; includes “A Field Guide to Dreaming” booklet and materials. Times and locations vary. New groups added monthly; next ones begin in January. Keep in touch with developments at or email me at
The Nashville Jung Circle hosts frequent lectures and book discussions at the Green Hills Public library. 
“The Complexity of Complexes,” a presentation by Karen Harper, LCSW. Sunday Dec. 2, 2:30-4:30.
“Imaginal: Dying and Rising in Story and Song,” an event with Dr. Sheri Kling, Sunday Jan. 13, 2:30-4:30.
For more information visit
Haden Institute Summer Dream & Spirituality Conference – It’s the Bonnaroo of Rock Stars in the Dream World. Registration’s open for a week of learning, dreaming, and soulful fun in the NC mountains.  May 26-31. Visit for more.

Tips and Titles
for Dreamwork and Dreamplay

Tip: Sleep-train yourself. 8 hours. No kidding.

Title: Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker.
To start or deepen your dreamwork, begin at the beginning: sleep. Just stop and go to sleep! Make it a priority to get 7-8 hours a night, and do that by going to bed and getting up on a regular schedule. I know - this seems so boring! Especially for you dream junkies who want tips for flying, problem solving, and steamy lucid-dream romances. But listen: not only will you dream better, you’ll live longer (like 8 years). If I can do it so can you: I’m up to 7.5 hours of “sleep opportunity” every night – in bed, lights out at 10:30. Working towards 10:00. It’s a stretch, but the results are every bit what he promises (read the book).
And one tip for dream tending:
Tip: Make a dream twig: Pick up a twig from the ground. Meditating on your dream image, wrap the twig in string or yarn in a color that seems appropriate to you. Place it in easy view to keep your dream image in mind. Whether or not you understand a powerful dream image, you need to translate its energy into concrete expression through some small ritual. Any little act that connects your feeling about the dream into a physical gesture is enough.
Title: Inner Work This book by Robert Johnson - sage, analyst, and friend of your heart - is one of the best Jungian oriented introductions to dreamwork ever. Lots of stories to illustrate his accessible and exciting presentation of Jungian dream theory. Written to stay with you and change your life. If you’ve already read it, read it again: I promise there’s always more with Robert Johnson.
Fire By Night Dreamwork
Laura Huff Hileman, M.A., M.S.
Dream Mentor and Spiritual Director

Personal dreamwork and spiritual direction
Dream groups
Presentations, workshops, and retreats
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