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March 2019

Dear Dreamers,
This is for those of you who say you never dream - or for those of us in a dream desert.  Good news!  Your unconscious seizes on things all the time to offer the metaphors you need in waking life.  You don’t have to be asleep to access dreamlike wisdom:  all you have to do is pay attention to whatever insists that you see it.
For instance.  Sometimes I tune into the classic country station, because I do like a good ballad.  Last week I tuned in twice and both times I heard that old song “Mercury Blues” sung by Alan Jackson.  Really?  This felt odd. During that second airing I said to myself, Why this song now?  I asked that question in the same way I coach dreamers to ask, “Why this dream now?”  We don’t often get an immediate “aha,” but the question makes us focus on the intersection of dream life and waking life, which is where the action is.
It took a day or two of listening to that line in my head (Crazy bout a Mercury, Lord I’m crazy bout a Mercury) before I realized – Oh!  Mercury! Yes I am crazy about Mercury.  As in Hermes/Mercury, the Greek/Roman god of thresholds, trade, travelers, and communications.  As the messenger between gods and humans, he also brought dreams from Morpheus, the Greek god of Sleep, to human dreamers. 
So now I’m holding curiosity and openness for growth about my own relationship with “Mercury” energy.  For one thing, I’m abysmal at social media.  My challenges, which would make any fifth grader snort with disdain, slow me down for weeks.  So on one level, “Mercury energy” means hiring a helper (job description below). 

One another level, as a dreamworker, I'm continually cruising in a Mercury.  I'm driving along the road between Self and Ego, integrating wisdom from the inner source with insight from waking consciousness. So on this level, I'm reminded of all those ways I struggle to connect and attach to the physical world: bringing ideas, feelings, insights, and beliefs into grounded presence is often a challenge for me.  Like you, I know that practical dreamwork is Mercury in action.  So today, how can I express or embody a nonphysical reality in physical form?  I can anchor a dream with Energy painting (see Tips). And I can serve up some love by making lasagna for my wild, wonderful teenager. 

As Mercury drivers, we can offer a ride to others. Any time you listen to someone else’s dream, you show them that their dream matters. You can help them know that it holds practical wisdom as well as a glimpse into mystery. 

There's more.  We can interpret, translate, and transpose dream wisdom for others to share.  We can phrase our understandings in terms consistent with Jungian psychology or the languages of traditional faith or natural spirituality.  Knowing different ways to name a common experience offers hospitality and gives rise to various understandings of the depth and significance of the dream.  Would you rather speak of the Self, the Imago Dei, the Dreamgiver, Wisdom, the Christ Within, or another name? And whoever's ridiing shotgun with you - how would he or she language that sense of Source? There's room for it all in the Mercury.

 And one more thing: dreamers have a different roadmap. When you listen to another’s dream or share your own, you’re also opening new thresholds between the individual consciousness and the collective unconscious. Riding in that ‘49 Mercury convertible, you can navigate territories of mythic otherness: it's your Wardrobe, your Platform 9 and 3/4, or your Subtle Knife.  
As new vistas open, feel the winds of change whipping through your hair, and hear the music spilling into the widening world -  "Lord I'm crazy bout a Mercury!"
Travelin mercies,
Two Mercury Things:
-Please follow me on Facebook: I’ll try to post updates about dream events without blowing up the internet:  
-Job! I need someone excellent at social media to help put out newsletters and Facebook posts, and to give my website a facelift. Email  Knowledge of Mailchimp needed.

New Dream Studio!
I've moved into a fulltime office/studio 
Room 203, Glendale Methodist Church
 900 Glendale Lane

Call or email for the 203 Special:
20.3% off a dream consultation.
 (so that's $59.76 for an hour)

Good through April 20th, in person only.

 Lunchtime Book Club
             at Main 

Dream Theatres of the Soul

Join me every 2nd and 4th Friday at noon for a discussion of Jean Benedict Raffa’s wonderful introduction to Jungian dreamwork.  This is a lively, accessible book and you’re welcome to come to any or all of our meetings. 

 Our next meeting is March 22nd.  We meet in the Commons Room on the 3rd floor.  Feel free to bring your lunch and a friend.  Reading the book isn’t actually necessary, but if you can, read the Introduction and Chapter 1 on March 22.   Then Chapters 2 and 4 on April 12. 

Liz the LIbrarian will put a copy in your hands!
 Free Intro to Dreamwork Classes
         at Branch Libraries
In partnership with Nashville Public Library and the Nashville Jung Circle, I’m offering free Intro to Dreamwork classes through branch libraries. 
You’ll get the basics in Jungian dreamwork plus image play, a mini-dream group experience, and a starter guide for personal dreamwork.
Intro to Dreamwork Calendar:
 Tues. March 26,  12-1 at Looby

 More will be added monthly: check for updates.
Want more? After an Intro class, sign up for...
Fire by Night

Forming now!
Tuesdays April-May in Green Hills

Explore your dreams in a secure small group. These are an intro-level dream groups where you’ll
  • share dreams with respect using the projective dreamwork method
  • listen for their wisdom in an open-minded, playful way
  • learn Jungian theory for dreaming and dreamwork
  • begin to integrate dream wisdom into your waking life.
6 meetings, $100 per dreamer; includes “A Field Guide to Dreaming” booklet and materials. Times and locations vary. New groups added monthly; next ones begin in January. Keep in touch with developments at or email me at
The Nashville Jung Circle hosts frequent lectures and book discussions at the Green Hills Public library. 

Friday evening, April 5:
Soulful Relationships - Walking the Path of Individuation in Connection
Registration and Reception: 6:15 pm
Lecture and discussion: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Saturday workshop
Negotiating the Inner Peace Treaty

Registration and Light Breakfast: 9:00 am
Workshop: 9:30 am - 1:00 pm

Both events at Blakemore United Methodist Church
Advance registration recommended due to limited seating

For more information visit
Haden Institute Summer Dream & Spirituality Conference – It’s the Bonnaroo of Rock Stars in the Dream World. Registration’s open for a week of learning, dreaming, and soulful fun in the NC mountains.  May 26-31. Visit for more.

Tips and Titles
for Dreamwork and Dreamplay

Tip: Make an Energy Drawing
Sometimes you need to quit thinking about a dream and do an “Energy Painting." No artsy experience or materials required.  Just 5 minutes and a box of crayons or pastels are all you need. 
As I so clearly illustrate in my "Crazy Bout a Mercury" earworm picure, it's not about beauty.  

 Begin with a dream or dreamlike experience that is staying with you. Re-enter it with your mind, body, and emotions, and meditate on it until you’re re-experiencing the feelings of the dream.
Then, with your non-dominant hand, choose a color and breathe the dream’s energy down through your hand and crayon and into the page.
Let yourself intuitively translate the dream into color and form. No judgment!  You can stay with the dream itself or follow associations that arise.
When the energy seems to subside, look at your drawing. Meditate on what you see.  You may wish to date it and give it a title.  The drawing alone may be enough to open up the dream for you, or you may wish to keep your piece in view as you invite the layers of the dream to open into deeper significance.

Where did this take me?  I was surprised to catch the round and round rhythm of the tires, then a  leap between churning cycles of color.  I wonder if  my Mercury archetype needs more of that grounded patterning or enjoys its explosive fueling of the ego's big machine?

The Art of Dreaming by Jill Mellick.

Mercury loves this book: it's all about translating the feelings, images, and energies of a dream into an "art" form in order to experience new perspectives from the dream.

Helpfully cateorized into 5, 10, and 15 minute explorations, these are irresistibly easy ways to play with a dream.  When you turn your dream into a fable or a sounding or a map, expect an "aha!"   

Jill Mellick is a Jungian psychoanalyst and artist: this is one of her several works on art and dreams. 
Fire By Night Dreamwork
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Dream Mentor and Spiritual Director

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