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Dear AIS-Salzburg Community,

With less than two weeks before our dormitories start to fill up and our academic schedule commences, we are very busy getting everything in order for the new school year.  We are excited to welcome a very diverse group of students from over 30 nations who wish to be challenged by our academic program and start laying the groundwork for successful university studies, a healthy and balanced personal life as well as an outstanding and fulfilling career.  These goals are set purposefully high and their accomplishment is the result of a lot of hard work, attention, care and communication.  There are truly great advantages to attending a small, international boarding school and our graduates over the past 44 years will confirm this.  Ready for a challenge?  Ready to step beyond your comfort zone?  Ready to realize much more of the potential that lies dormant within you?  We'll see you soon!

We hope you enjoy this week's newsletter!

Headmaster McLean

Arrivals Days: Notes to Parents and Students

With students starting to arrive 10 days from now, AIS-Salzburg staff is preparing for their first-ever school year that is in the midst of a Pandemic. Using our Summer School Program as a dry run, we have made appropriate adjustments going into the 2020-2021 school year in order to provide the safest possible environment for all students and staff. This begins with the arrival days on September 7th and 8th, which are typically two very busy days with many people going in and out of the school as students settle into their dorm rooms with the help of family members. 

In order to start off the school year on the right foot, we ask that all parents and students take note of the following arrival day safety measures:
  • Students experiencing any symptoms related to CoVid19 SHOULD NOT come to campus. 
  • Parents and students must provide an accurate estimated time of arrival and should contact school personnel if anything changes. 
  • Student temperature will be measured upon arrival.
  • Upon arrival, students must provide proof of a negative PCR Test that is not older than 72 hours. Students who do not provide a negative PCR Test will be quarantined until they are tested and a negative result produced. 
  • Everyone, both students and those dropping them off, must be masked when on campus and inside the building.
  • Students, whose last names start with A-L, will be greeted and checked into Dining Room 1. 
  • Students, whose last names start with M-Z, will be greeted and checked into Dining Room 2. 
  • Once a student is dropped off, they are considered to be in our care, which means they are not permitted to any overnight stays with parents, family or friends and must adhere to any and all sign-out expectations and protocols. 
  • Arrival days will adhere to weekend protocols according to the 'Traffic Light System' (learn more). Currently, we are at the color yellow. 
  • All students must have downloaded the CORONA STOPP app before signing out and leaving campus. 

Home to the AIS-Salzburg Athletics Program: Drone Footage

In the video below, we invite you to enjoy the beautiful drone footage that we shot this past February at the RIF Sportzentrum, the University & Olympic training facility that we use for Physical Education program, team training and competitions, and for some of our weekend activities.
For more information about AIS-Salzburg Athletics go to

Hidden Salzburg: The Almcanal

In the 8th century, the city fathers of Salzburg decided that to prevent illness among the population of the city, a freshwater system of canals that could carry a significant amount of fresh mountain water from the Untersberg to the city center was required.  Using a variety of construction materials, including Roman gravestones, the oldest surviving and still-functioning water canal system in Middle Europe was constructed. Transporting water from the distant Königssee in Berchtesgaden (Germany), the Alm Canal supplies the city with a critical resource not only for drinking, but for powering water mills and providing fire brigades with water to put out fires.  The Alm Canal is only partially visible, primarily on the south side of the city where, today, many young people spend warm afternoons enjoying an ice-cold dip or surfing on the newly-constructed Almkanal-Welle or 'Alm Canal Wave'. The Salzburg Almcanal was a major feature in this recent video produced by Red Bull (starting at 1:18). 
Near the south side of the fortress, the Alm Canal disappears underground through numerous labyrinthine caves for over 370 meters to feed large reservoirs located within the Mönchberg: still carrying out its intended function after more than 1200 years of service. The water wheel that powers the bakery of St. Peters is, in fact, still in use and lies directly next to St. Peter's cemetery and below the lower station of the Castle's funicular lift.  In the fall—usually mid-September—the city drains the Alm Canal and one is allowed to join guided tours through the tunnels within the Mönchberg and be amazed at the engineering abilities of Salzburg's Medieval population.

News & Events

Arrival Days, September 7h & 8th - Boarding students for the 2020-2021 school year should arrive and settle in during these two days. To all arriving students, please take note:

Orientation Day, September 9th - Students receive an orientation tour of the city of Salzburg.

First Day of Classes, September 10th - The 2020-2021 academic calendar begins.

DVAC JV Girls Volleyball Festival, September 25th - This event has been canceled. Since volleyball is not a contact sport, we are optimistic that we can play some friendly competitions with other international schools this fall, as long as the 'Traffic Light' is green or yellow. If the Coronavirus situation does not improve enough by the winter to allow for basketball competitions, a contact sport, the volleyball season will be extended.  

DVAC JV Boys Soccer Festival, October 2nd - This event has been canceled. Since soccer is a contact sport, the likelihood of playing in any competitions in the fall is very low. If we are unable to participate in any soccer competitions this fall, we will be looking to restart the boys' soccer season in the spring in hopes that the Coronavirus situation has improved. Training will proceed as planned this fall as long as the 'Traffic Light' is green or yellow. 

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