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Dear AIS-Salzburg Community,

This important message contains an outline of our plan at AIS-Salzburg to keep our students and everyone in our community safe during the present Corona crisis, while maintaining our offering of a college-preparatory education for both boarding and day students.   As such, it is critically important that all parents and students read through this information very carefully and direct any questions they have to our attention as soon as possible before the school year begins.

On August 17th, the Austrian Education Ministry announced its plans for all Austrian public schools and, although we are not within this group as a private institution, these guidelines provide us with the official guidelines for how to proceed in keeping our students and staff safe and healthy.  Therefore, we have modeled our own strategy upon that of the Austrian authorities and their expertise.

Essentially, a flexible system resembling a traffic light with four colors will be instituted at AIS-Salzburg.  Depending upon the level of health threat present at any given time in the city of Salzburg, as determined by experts in the various fields, the school administration will increase or decrease the limitations and requirements in place within our community.  In this way, we hope to keep everyone safe, aware and within reasonable limits of behavior in order to provide a safe environment for learning and development.

Please bear in mind a few important details:

1.  These policies and procedures are open to change given the situation.  No one can predict how and in what unique ways this health crisis may develop, therefore, flexibility is essential.  These guidelines are not written in stone and can be adapted to better meet the actual, situational context.

2.  Presently, Austria is experiencing an increase in positive infections which are primarily growing in defined clusters.  This increase is primarily due to those residents in Austria who are returning from vacation periods outside of the country.

3.  The city of Salzburg presently has experienced 23 positive infections in the past 14 days and is at yellow level presently.

4.  In the past month, the increase in positive infections in Austria has been experienced; primarily among those between the ages of 18 to 30.  This may be due to a lower level of willingness to abide by the health restrictions and warnings within this group.  Therefore, it will be very important that every student enrolled at AIS-Salzburg take personal interest in protecting the community and understand that willful ignorance or ridicule of such procedures and policies will not be tolerated.  For the sake of all those who understand that—until this crisis is behind us—we are all restricted in our personal freedoms to a reasonable and manageable extent in order to maintain the opportunity for all to experience a healthy and meaningful educational experience.

For a details on our 2020-2021 School Year Corona Policies, Protocols and Parameters for each level, please click the button below.  
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Thank you very much.

Headmaster McLean

Teacher Spotlight: David Burns

Mr. Burns started at AIS-Salzburg in 2004 as a math teacher and coach and is now entering his 17th year at the school. Currently, he is the Athletic Director, the much-loved coach and mentor to the Lady Lions basketball and volleyball teams and the AIS-Salzburg social media and marketing master, responsible for content and our growing social media presence. Mr. Burns has coached the Lady Lions to several award-winning seasons, most notably three-straight DVAC varsity girls volleyball championships in 2013, 2014 and 2015.  

Whether he is playing on the local baseball team with his son, the local hockey team with his daughter, or coaching the Lady Lions volleyball or basketball teams, he brings enthusiasm, expertise and fun to every sport he engages in.

Hidden Salzburg: Who's Harry Collins?

If you visit the Salzburg Altstadt, you will probably walk through the mysterious and fascinating cemetery of St. Peter's tucked between the church and the walls of the Festungsberg (Fortress Hill) above.  This is the oldest cemetery in Salzburg and contains the graves of some of the most important and powerful individuals of Salzburg going back to the 12th century.  There are also catacombs dug into the walls of the hill which were used by the monks of St. Peter's for centuries.  Among the beautifully-cared for graves and headstones—made famous by the film, The Sound of Music—you will find an oddity:  the grave of Harry J. Collins and his wife, Irene Collins.  

Harry 'Hollywood Harry' Collins was a professional officer in the U.S. Army and a veteran of both World Wars I & II.  From 1943 to the end of the war, he commanded the 42nd 'Rainbow' Division which helped liberate Berchtesgaden to the south of the city.  After the war, Collins was assigned to the USFA (US Forces Austria) as Commander of the US Neutral Zone and resided in Salzburg where he met his second wife, the actress Irene Gehmacher.  After retirement from the military in 1953, Collins retired to Colorado and, eventually, returned to Salzburg where he died in 1963 and is now buried.  His governorship of the US Neutral Zone was considered so agreeable and supportive of the Salzburg people that the city, and eventually the entire province, made Harry J. Collins an honorary citizen which explains his interment in St. Peter's cemetery.

'Hollywood Harry' would perhaps not be considered the best person for the administration of AIS-Salzburg as he was renowned, and (undoubtedly) frequently cursed, for waking his troops in the early morning to the sound of wailing bagpipes.  

News & Events

Arrival Days, September 7h & 8th - Boarding students for the 2020-2021 school year should arrive and settle in during these two days.

Orientation Day, September 9th - Students receive an orientation tour of the city of Salzburg.

First Day of Classes, September 10th - The 2020-2021 academic calendar begins.
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