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The American International School-Salzburg—now in its 45th year of service to international boarding students—is pleased to announce that we will soon be able to put the CoVid-19 pandemic behind us and return to providing an excellent college-preparatory boarding education which has been our tradition and trademark since 1976.  We know that these past 10 months have been trying for everyone, especially for our agents and representatives who have experienced a serious decline in client numbers and general interest due to the international health emergency.  We are certain that you share our optimism and positive anticipation of soon getting back to doing what we all do best without diversion or interruption. To this end, we would like to invite you to consider the following benefits of continued partnership with AIS-Salzburg:
Commission Rates as of Summer 2021
In anticipation of a much more profitable future, the AIS-Salzburg administration has decided to increase our commission rates for those agents and representatives with which we have a signed agreement.  As of July, 2021, the following commission rates will be implemented:

Commission rates for the boarding school year 2021-2022 - AIS-Salzburg:
  • 15% of published tuition and fees for one or two students enrolled as full-boarders for the academic school year. 
  • 17% of published tuition and fees for three to five students enrolled as full-boarders for the academic school year. 
  • 20% of published tuition and fees for six or more students enrolled as full-boarders for the academic school year. 
AIS-Salzburg pays these commissions each and every year of continued enrollment upon presentation of invoicing from the agency or representative.
Commission rates for students enrolled in the AIS-Salzburg Summer Language Program (July/August, 2021):
  • 15% of published tuition and fees
Here are the AIS-Salzburg published tuition and fees rates for the 2021-2022 school year. Here are the published fees for the Summer Language Program.

For agencies and representatives that are active in areas of geographic interest to our strategic plan and are not currently partners with us, we would be pleased to make contact with you in the near future and discuss the terms of our partnership agreement.  You can initiate this process quickly and easily by filling out our Partner Inquiry Form on the Partners page on our school website.
Supporting Your Local Marketing Efforts
For select partners, the school administration is pleased to offer personal participation in organized recruitment fairs and other similar events designed to attract your local audience and improve business.  Although we have a small staff, we generally send top administrators to such events so that the information provided is from the highest and most informed sources available.  Invitations to attend your events will be considered quickly and efficiently by our administration team.  As you organize your spring and summer events, please let us know your conditions and requirements; we would be pleased to support you in these efforts and provide traction to your local community initiatives.
Online Support and Direct Contacts
The AIS-Salzburg administration can offer access for you and your agency to quality contacts made through our school online ads program. 

The AIS-Salzburg administration may, at times, offer you and your team direct access to contacts generated by our own online advertising programs.  If we have worked successfully with you in the past and we are certain that our partnership is solid, we can share contacts received by our office staff through our social media marketing efforts directly to you for follow-up and support.  These contacts are filtered and refined by our marketing coordinator and can provide you with numerous families and individuals in your geographic area eager to gain assistance in a language with which they are comfortable.  We send you the contact; you do the follow-up and cash in the commission.  We have had good success in such efforts in the past because it underscores and supports a shared, combined effort between the school and the agency and establishes trust and close communication between us.  The AIS-Salzburg administration will begin a new online advertising campaign in the coming months.  
Information and Materials

We continually update the material available on our website under the Partner’s Page.  Here, you will find:

  • easy-to-use inquiry form 
  • list of advantages to enrolling at AIS-Salzburg
  • list of recruitment efforts and events
  • comprehensive FAQ
  • clear application procedures and timeline
  • free promotional materials
  • information updates
We are pleased to provide these materials and information to all those who support our school and recruitment efforts presently or plan to do so in the future.  Please help yourself!
Contact Us

The recruitment season between now and September 2021 promises to be beneficial and profitable for all as the pandemic moves into the background and no longer stands in the way of clients searching for the right educational institution.  We are anticipating a near 'double market’ with many potential clients having postponed considerations for a later date, after the health emergency has been overcome.  Be sure to get in on the ground floor and establish your advantage in offering clear, comprehensive information about AIS-Salzburg and its benefits to your clients by remaining or becoming our preferred partners.

Thank you for your consideration.

Advantages to an AIS-Salzburg Boarding School Education

Our small class sizes facilitate a rigorous college-preparatory education.

Small, family atmosphere where every student feels cared for personally.

Experienced and long-term teaching faculty, averaging 15 years at our school.

Internationally diverse student body and numerous European cultural experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions 

We all know when clients approach, they will likely present a very wide variety and range of particular questions about education institution types, curricular offerings, academic and social programming, diplomas, entrance requirements and testing, application procedures, as well as visas and travel requirements.  All this can be seriously challenging when one considers the vast, worldwide educational opportunities available to them.

To assist you in meeting this challenge with expert information, key facts and descriptive clarity, we have generated an extensive FAQ page that covers many of the most important aspects affecting considerations of enrollment in AIS-Salzburg.  You can review this information here.  

If questions remain, we hope that you feel comfortable in contacting us at any time with any questions.  We try to make it a point of policy to respond quickly to any and all inquiries so that you have the answers you need as soon as possible; maintaining your credibility and reliability with your clients.

Visiting AIS-Salzburg

Our doors are nearly always open and we would be more than pleased to assist you if you have the opportunity to come to our campus here in beautiful Salzburg, Austria.  Let us know, and we will arrange a day of insightful and meaningful exchange with administrators, teachers and students within our community.  

Our office staff will assist you with any and all aspects of your visit including providing detailed information on flight destinations, accommodations, local transport, dining opportunities as well as entertaining events and activities in this lovely area.

Contact us at any time should you have the opportunity to visit one of the best small international boarding schools in Europe.

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