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As a valued member of aSKaVIE’s Silver Platter™, I thank you for this opportunity to serve you.  This is some of the latest tech information that I promised I would share with you when you subscribed to my VIP List.  Perhaps you'll find it helpful and maybe even valuable enough to share with someone you care about.  Let them know that they too can join you as a VIP and receive the Free Silver Platter™ by signing up at  

Increase Efficiency in 2021

Your Tech Concierge™ has always been driven by the concept of "Efficiency".  According to wikipedia - "Efficiency is the (often measurable) ability to avoid wasting materials, energy, efforts, money, and time in doing something or in producing a desired result. In a more general sense, it is the ability to do things well, successfully, and without waste."  In this edition of "The Silver Platter", we'll look at 3 ways that you might enhance your efficiency.

Do you use Shortcuts?

One way to immediately improve your computing efficiency is to speed up the interaction with your Windows 10 Operating system.  Did you know that Microsoft offers several useful keyboard shortcuts? They are built-in to your current operating system and you don't have to do anything more than press some keyboard combinations to put them to use. When I share these with clients, they ask me why I've been holding back all these years, so I finally put a list together in PDF format that you can download. All start with the Windows Flag Key, (that's the key that looks like the Start button in the left side of your Windows Task Bar).  You press that Windows Flag Key down and tap the designated key in the list to invoke the response.  Flag+D will toggle you from your current open windows to your Desktop and back again. (try that now!).  If you have a login password setup on your computer - Flag+L will lock your machine and require you to login again.  This is great when you are leaving your computer and you don't want someone accessing it while you are gone.  I have over 20 more shortcuts for you to try.
Grab them from the top of my training page at:

How much paper do you shuffle?

The promise of a "paperless" office has teased those of us responsible for managing the seemingly endless stacks of information delivered to us daily.  There is no better time than the beginning of a New Year than to rethink our strategy and start fresh with a new approach. Back on April 26, 2014 I addressed this subject with a blog post entitled ""Paper-less!" Overwhelmed with Paper? Some of the links referenced in it are dated, however, the concepts shared related to reducing and organizing your paper-filled world are still very valid.  I went Paper-Less several years ago and the idea of using a file cabinet and filling file boxes every year is now a thing of my past.  Interested in doing the same? 

It's all about your Data

“It’s all about the data. Doesn’t matter what platform, device, program, version, none of that really matters. It’s the Availability, Security, Speed, Ease and Utility. The ubiquitous access to information is what we are seeking. And the ones who provide it – to the ones that need it – well they will be the winners of the prize”       — Avie Uniglicht

I share the above quote at the top of because your Data is the foundation of your entire computing experience.  Your "Data" is your personal collection of digital material and it is YOUR responsibility to organize it, protect it, maintain it and use it the best way you can.  Whether you store it on a local drive, a Network device, in the "Cloud", or you synchronize it to some or all of these places, the practice of maintaining multiple backups is key to preserving it and your efficient use of it. Because you can't "buy" or replace your data at a store as you can your other computing devices, it is your duty to carefully monitor and verify that you have functional backups readily available.  This serves as a reminder for you to check your backup strategy to confirm that it is working as intended. Just because you may have purchased a subscription for Cloud Backup or have systems in place that worked the day they were installed does not mean they still continue to work properly. Perhaps your subscription has even expired or something has been disconnected! To be certain, Schedule a review at your earliest convenience. For those who are using our Quarterly Maintenance Review program, backup verification is always an integral inclusion.

I’m looking forward to sharing more tasty tidbits with you in the next edition of aSKaVIE's Silver Platter™.  Let me know if you have any questions anytime. Hope to hear from you soon

Happy New Year and Be Safe,

Avie Uniglicht
Your Tech Concierge™
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