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Gmail Users, your search is over! 
Sometimes it is challenging to find an important e-mail amongst the hundreds or thousands that you store over the course of time.  Depending upon whether you use a specific e-mail application such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird or whether you prefer to interact with your mail directly through you Web Browser, the search process can be made more effective with "search operators".  Search operators are words or phrases that permit us to fine-tune our searches and give them "pinpoint" accuracy.  My favorite way to use search operators is when helping clients cleanup and free-up e-mail storage space.  When it takes longer and is more "painful" to cleanup and organize e-mail than it is to pay for more mail server storage, most people opt to pay.  This leads to not only more expensive hosting fees, but to more and more clutter in your e-mail files.  So try out a Gmail search operator when looking for a range of older mail.  Let's say you would like to eliminate all mail older than 3 years.  You can type the following bold characters in your Gmail search box:  older_than:3y   (be certain to type this with no spaces between characters and substitute the number 3 with any number you need to establish your personal criteria).
Here is a link to a helpful list of Gmail search operators with instructions:
 Let me know how this works for you. 

Take advantage of my Affiliate relationship with – Absolute 
Absolute® Home & Office Premium edition is the standard in data protection and theft recovery, with the only Investigations team that both locates your stolen device and gets it back to you. Absolute also gives you control over your device and everything it contains by remotely locking out unauthorized users, or deleting sensitive data. Laptops are one of the most stolen computing devices and without protection such as what is offered by Absolute, most owners never recover a lost or stolen laptop not to mention the data loss and exposure when an unencrypted device is left in the hands of an unauthorized user.  I recommend the Premium version of Absolute Home & Office. You may remember the previous brand name of this service solution - LoJack which incorporates CompuTrace.  Same great technology with new branding.

And remember, Your Tech Concierge™ is always available to assist you with your questions, purchase and installation support.
Subscriptions on Autopilot?      
Do you keep a list (ie Spreadsheet) of all of your recurring charges? We've all signed up for Services, Software Subscriptions, Memberships, Domain registrations, etc. that have monthly or annual renewals that,  left unchecked, often surprise us either by a charge appearing on a credit card or bank statement, or at an unexpected or inopportune time when we actually need to use something that has been cancelled due to an expired payment method.  Auto billings can be both a blessing and a curse.  You may no longer need or want the service, yet, once a charge goes through, many companies will have increased the rate and won't permit cancellations. Other unscrupulous actors attempt to send you renewal notices when in fact you don't even have or use the service they are billing.   Stay on top of all those subscriptions and by having a current list, you'll know what to expect and how to cancel in advance of the due date. 

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