Gender Equality Week

"Because of You"

The photograph features Nellie McClung who was instrumental in making Manitoba the first Canadian province to give some women the vote in 1916. McClung was one of the “Famous Five” – a group of women who convinced the courts to finally recognize women as “persons” under the law in 1929.
At CAPE, we take the promotion of gender equality to heart. We believe women and men should enjoy the same benefits, privileges and rights in the workplace. No one should be held back or discriminated against because of their gender.
We also acknowledge that women may find themselves disproportionately affected by situations and crises impacting society, by virtue of the role they often play in their families, communities and society in general.
This has been clearly evidenced during the COVID-19 pandemic, as extensively covered in a recent article published in the Ottawa Citizen entitled “’The women’s pandemic’: How COVID-19 has disproportionately affected women”. 



Women’s rights and gender equality in Canada
  • 1884: Married women’s property rights are legalized;
  • 1922: All provinces except Quebec have given women the right to vote, only granted to them in Quebec in 1940;
  • 1929: Women are considered “persons” under the law;
  • 1951: The Fair Employment Practices Act and the Female Employees Fair Remuneration Act is passed in Ontario, one step closer toward equality between men and women;
  • 1960s: Over 30% of women aged 20 -30 participate in the Canadian labour force. Those numbers double in the 1970s. In 2012 over 70% of young women participate in the labour force. Today, 70% of mothers with children under five years of age are working. (ref. Canadian Labour Congress);
  • 1971: Paid maternity leave benefits are adopted, thanks to the hard fight of the Canadian labour movement.

Mark your calendar!

This year's Annual General Meeting will be held on November 10, 2020. More details to come. 

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