Taking Responsibility Before the Breaking Point

Global Climate Strike - 20-27 September 2019

This week, people will take to the streets of Canada and of cities around the world to demand action from governments to address the environmental and climate crisis we face.

The facts are clear: our planet is warming and pollution is getting out of control. While we may be tempted to lose ourselves in debates as to who or what to blame, we ought to focus our attention on what should be done. We need to take responsibility individually and collectively to prevent further damage to our lives, our health, our biodiversity and to our planet.

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Our association represents brilliant federal government researchers, data analysts, economists and statisticians that study these phenomena and thanks to whom Canadians are well informed and decision-makers better equipped to act. It is critically important for the Canadian government to keep its focus on these issues and to continue giving its experts the means and funding necessary to fully understand the situation. They also need government support to explore innovative ways to improve our relationship with the environment for the sake of future generations. 

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What we are dealing with is not just a warming climate, but also a severe environmental degradation problem. Our green house gas emissions combined with our unsustainable and wasteful consumer and industrial habits are leaving permanent scars on the environment.

As individuals, we can make a big difference with our actions. We don’t have to wait for the government or the private sector to solve our environmental problems. Now more than ever it’s time to take responsibility for our bad habits, by changing them. Change is hard but inaction is worse. This week, we invite you to reflect on what actions you can take to make a difference, and for those who can, to use their voice to spread the knowledge and the science behind our new reality. Knowledge is power.

Event : Keep an eye out for the Canadian climate strikes on Friday September 27.

As for CAPE, we are trying to play our part where we can. We are taking gradual steps towards greening our operations. On March 29, 2019, the National Executive Committee (NEC) voted to abolish the use of plastic plates and utensils at its meetings. Additionally, we are moving towards having paperless NEC meetings through the increased use of electronic documents. We are also taking steps to increase the use of video conferencing to decrease travel and consequently reduce GHG emissions. But it’s not enough and members of the NEC are currently looking into expanding CAPE’s greening initiative to adopt more impactful measures.

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On November 6, 2018, the Executive Committee of Local 524 demonstrated tremendous leadership by proposing a resolution on climate change (see in the box below).  CAPE continues to explore ways to live up to their expectations. For example, as part of our federal election’s strategy, we are currently reaching out to political political parties and candidates to find out what solutions they propose to address some of the most critical issues of our time such as environmental degradation and global warming.

For many years now, we have been able to witness and feel the harmful effects that our bad habits have on us and our planet, and we know need to change our ways to be better custodians of our habitat. 

Let’s lead by example, and let’s continue asking the government to do the same.


Climate Resolution – Local 524, Tuesday, November 6, 2018, Ottawa

That CAPE recognizes the impacts of climate change and the need to take action to mitigate impacts through government operations.
  • Whereas the international scientific community recognizes the risk posed by climate change for many citizens around the world;
  • Whereas climate change will have important consequences for many human beings;
  • Whereas significant measures must be implemented to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to help people adapt to climate change;
  • Whereas the negation of the problem or lack of initiative is not in the interest of CAPE members, nor in the interests of workers in general;
Be it resolved that CAPE will advocate a clear and strong position in recognizing climate change by encouraging initiatives to address climate change and the implementation of climate change adaptation measures in its relations with government bodies, employers and in the various forums when the subject will be raised.

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