Floodwaters 2019: solidarity with flood victims

The 2019 spring floods have been especially devastating for thousands of people and families. As you all know, several towns and cities in New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec have declared a state of emergency to obtain the resources they need to deal with the situation. The National Capital Region, which is home to many federal government workers, has been particularly hard hit.

In these difficult times, we would like to remind you that many lives have been disrupted and some of our members and colleagues are going through indescribable hardship. The trauma and the financial impacts will place a heavy burden on them and their families.

The CAPE wishes to express its support and would encourage you to help those affected. The cleanup and damage control efforts may continue for some time and assistance might be required long after the floodwaters recede.

Have you been affected?

Many resources are available to victims. Municipalities and community organizations are currently doing what they can to manage the crisis. It is therefore important to begin by approaching these organizations as soon as possible to take advantage of existing support measures.

Check your municipality’s web portal to obtain information about all the steps to take to deal with your circumstances, to identify available resources and services, and to register as a flood victim.

For example, the cities of Ottawa and Gatineau have posted extensive information at their sites, and it could also be useful to residents of other communities.

Last but not least, inform your supervisor at work about your situation. Help might be at hand.

Would you like to help the victims?

We have put together a list of a few things you could do to help:
  • Tell your affected colleagues that you would like to help, or inform your supervisor, who can explain how to go about helping those who prefer to remain anonymous;
  • Organize a fundraising event with your colleagues, or a food drive to collect staples and other commodities;
  • Donate to the Canadian Red Cross by telephoning 1-800-418-1111 or visiting the Red Cross website;
  • Donate your time: Help to fill sandbags at locations designated by your municipality; help to dig flood-protection dikes; join a cleanup crew; spend time at community centres in affected regions to contribute to support activities;
  • Donate to food banks in flooded areas in New Brunswick, Ontario or Quebec;
  • Donate new or gently used goods items (clothing, diapers and other essentials for babies, furniture, etc.) by contacting the civic authorities of the flooded town closest to you, who can tell you where to deliver your donations;
  • Take care of a flood victim’s pet by checking with local shelters and veterinarians. Many SPCAs and animal shelters have posted requests for foster homes on Facebook and other social media.

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