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When we started The Feeder a few months ago, the wonderful Kate Park said the word of the year would be "adaptability." I agree completely. Along with adapting we need to embrace change. Whether it's a change of lifestyle, shift in routine, a new season, or something larger, embracing change moves us forward in a positive way. 

The last few weeks have been full of changes and new experiences at The Feeder, including hosting our first episode of The Feeder Live! , produced by our friends at The American Association of Singapore.

Along the hour co-host Alison Shea and I discovered...candy corn cocktails taste like creamsicles...hand lotion tames scary hair...Death from Behind...pumpkin & pomegranate are a dynamic duo...and chilling stories & mysteries make for Sleepless in Singapore.

Our fabulous guests were Amy Sittler & Devin Kimble, Jane Iyer, Ellie Sakrzewski, and Wendy Wilcox. Watch it all below. And, please hit the YouTube bell to subscribe so you don't miss a thing!

The next episode of The Feeder Live will offer a little self-care to prep your mind, body, and soul for the busy holiday season. Sign up here to watch!

For this early November issue, since I live on the equator and desperately miss seasonal changes, I'm going to fake some fall fun and wishfully embrace the change of season with maple cocktails and gingerbread.

XOXO, Paige

The Feeder Live!

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Tunes for change, because music makes everything better.

Our Pets, Our Joy

by Heidi Sarna

Our beloved 9-year old Cavoodle Holly is our family’s happy pill. No matter what mood any of us might be in, Holly is a constant little beacon of cuteness and delight. Whether it's the way she carries her toy bone around the house like a cigar or the way she squeezes onto my office chair, wedging herself in the few inches of space between my thigh and the armrest, she makes us coo and smile like parents of a newborn human. Maybe it’s how she so adorably circles around and then settles down on piles of laundry, clean or dirty. She follows me around the house, barks for joy when I return home and endlessly cracks us up with her three-legged itching routine and dramatic sighing.
She’s entertainment and happy vibes all rolled into one cute furry ball. I’m not alone in feeling so attached to my pet.

Dobby Doddle

3-year-old rescue dog
Human dad: Tuck Lentz
Funniest behavior:
She needs to always kiss her person mom before bed, and if her water bowl is left empty, she will bring it out and drop it at the old man’s feet (mine!) in disgust.
Most endearing trait:
Dobby loves her people and is filled with joy every time she sees us. It could be 5 minutes or 5 hours apart, but to her it's always a joyous reunion.
For me my pet is my buddy. She lays down outside the office door and reminds me when it is time to eat. If 5:01 hits and she has not received her scoop, her head is on my lap and her eyes are looking at me saying ‘hey missed something.....feed me old man...feed me.’

Figlet Piglet

Human mother: Sue Piergallini
Funniest behavior:
Hiding and pouncing on me.
Most endearing trait:
Licking my nose.
For me, my pet is silly laughter, love and stress relief.


2-year-old male “Singapore Special”
Human mom: Nicola Stephens
Funniest behavior:
He loves a good bum rub. When you scratch him, he sticks his bum in the air, buries his head in the couch, and marches his legs at the same time.
Most endearing trait:
He nudges me with his nose to get attention...or food, and it's quite cute.

For me, my pet is a constant source of entertainment and laughs.

Heidi got such a tremendous response to her request for pet photos, that we'll be sharing these over the next few issues...and if you've got a pet that you'd like featured, please email us a photo.

Travel writer & heritage buff Heidi Sarna is the co-founder of travel site about unusual and small-ship cruising; co-founder of Bike-A-Local Singapore, offering self-guided heritage-themed cycle rides based on the book Heidi co-wrote, “Secret Singapore” (March 2021). 

Short Stories

Brief reviews by Alison an Avid Reader

Our Book Nook editor is on track to read nearly 150 books this year. Follow her @theextroveredbookworm. 

#139 in 2020

You Should Have Known by Jean Hanff Korelitz

This book is the basis for the HBO series The Undoing starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant.

Here’s the deal: Grace, a therapist in New York, has her perfect life thrown into disarray after another parent at her son’s school is murdered and her husband is at the center of it.

What made me want to stay in and read: The characters are extremely realistic and Grace’s inner monologue is spot on. The skewering of stereotypical New York parents provides some comic relief. Watching Grace realize that her whole life is unraveling is incredibly unsettling.

What made me want to watch Bravo instead: I never really understood the motivation of Grace’s husband, but that was also sort of the point. This book was extremely well done. Couldn’t put it down.

Score: 9/10

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Get the Recipe!

Even though we live in the tropics, we love autumn...warmer flavours + cooler weather = bliss. So, while we are dreaming of seasonal changes, we found this recipe for a Maple Old Fashioned on Gimme Some Oven. With the smooth strong flavour we love in an Old Fashioned, plus just a hint of maple and orange, it's the perfect fall drink.


(Makes 1 drink)
2 ounces bourbon or rye
3–4 dashes Angostura bitters
1/2 teaspoon maple syrup
orange peel
Optional Garnish: rosemary sprig or maraschino cherry.

Mix It Up

Use a vegetable peeler to cut a 2- to 3-inch-long piece of orange peel. 
Run the pulp-side of the peel around the rim of the cocktail glass (it smells wonderful!), then set the peel aside for later.

Add the bourbon, bitters, and maple syrup to the glass, and briefly stir to combine. Add the ice, then briefly stir the drink one more time to mix and chill.

Give the orange peel a good twist above the glass to release its oils, then tuck it into the drink. Add a rosemary sprig or maraschino cherry and serve immediately.


About me: I'm a writer, obsessive reader, mother, wife and one half of the marketing team known as Chop Chop.  I love to travel and explore new places, but hate to plan trips. I strive to be a good friend and a great home cook. My friends tease me about my germaphobia and being's all good. 
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