My husband and I have been watching 1971: The Year Music Changed Everything. It's interesting, if a little uneven. The music is great, of course, and he's made a playlist that will likely be on repeat for the rest of the summer. 

This has me thinking a lot about youngest son just graduated from high school, we're pondering a house move, two of our Feeders—Ali and Erin—have moved from Singapore back to the US. We're already missing them both tons!

To be honest, it's been a bit overwhelming. And, I know I'm not the only person grappling with changes, big and small, this year.

Please take a minute to take care of yourself. Find what works for you right now, it may evolve over time. I used to say cooking was my happy place, but after planning and cooking hundreds of meals in the last 12 months, that's not true anymore. Being alone for a little while, going for a long walk or daydreaming about a future beach trip clears my head and changes my mood. For you it might be a great read—Alison has lots of suggestions; listening to a new playlist from our Feeder Faves; taking a nap to rejuvenate; snuggling with a pet; or giving yourself a facial. The important thing is to practice a little guilt-free self-care.

What do you do to manage change and care for yourself? Send us a message at We'll feature the best suggestions in a future issue.
XOXO, Paige

Shoe Snatcher!

by Heidi Sarna 

Our pets antics delight us, even if they're being a bit naughty. Do you have a fur-baby at your house that you're completely in love with? Share a photo and tell us a little bit about him or her. Send it to


4-month old Cavoodle

Human mom. Heidi Stalla

Funniest behavior. Cleo has only been with us for a few weeks, but is already crazy about my twin toddlers’ shoes! She waits until they get dressed in the morning and then steals the shoe of the first twin. She then tosses the shoe in her bed and lies down on it, blinking at us with a “hey what’s the problem” look in her eyes…once the shoe is recovered and on the correct foot, she wrestles with the laces until giving up and bounding to the next twin… 

Most endearing trait. Cleo astonishes me with what she puts up with already…the twins hug her, kiss her, pet her, pull her, use her as a pillow…and she just sits there obligingly until it’s her turn to tug their clothes right back.

For me my pet is such a welcome addition to the family! She has already helped my son with his fear of animals, and makes us all laugh out loud in the mornings with her antics. She is definitely adding to the lightness of being for all of us!  

For more furry friend features, visit our website.

Travel writer & heritage buff Heidi Sarna is the co-founder of travel site about unusual and small-ship cruising; co-founder of Bike-A-Local Singapore, offering self-guided heritage-themed cycle rides based on the book Heidi co-wrote, Secret Singapore
Over the next several issues we're sharing playlists from our Feeder Team. It's an eclectic mix with everything from old standards to 80s hits to heavy metal anthems. Click below to hear more.

Book Nook

Alison says, "READ THIS BOOK!!!"  #78 is a thriller with a great plot, how could it not be, it's in the title?! To see her latest recommendations, follow her on Instagram @theextrovertedbookworm.

The Plot
by Jean Hanff Korelitz

Alison's Score 10/10

Here’s the deal:

Jake had a successful first book and was hailed as a writer to watch. Flash forward a few years, he’s been dropped by his publisher and is teaching as an adjunct professor at a barely credible writing program. In comes Evan, a disdainful student with what he insists is a plot so good not even the worst writer could mess it up. He shares it with Jake and....he’s right. When Jake finds out that Evan is dead from an overdose a few years later, what’s a frustrated writer to do???

I honestly don’t want to say anything else because I would hate to give away this meticulously crafted and thrilling book. The NYT and The Washington Post have both called it one of the best new thrillers. I picked it up in the morning and didn’t leave the house until it was finished! I want to shout it from the rooftops—read this book!!!

Happy Reading!

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What the Heck is Osteopathy?

by Paige Okun

Struggling with terrible neck pain 18 years ago, I tried everything from muscle relaxers and traction to physical therapy to rest and stability. Finally, my child's pediatrician recommended that I visit an Osteopath. I had absolutely no idea what this was, but was ready to try anything. And, to my amazement after one session, I felt better. After six sessions, plus some at-home exercises, I was pain free. I loved the non-invasive, drug-free therapy, where I could take an active role in my own health. Over the years, I've visited Osteopaths for all manner of muscle aches, pains, and pulls. And I realised recently, that while I consider these practitioners miracle workers, I wasn't even exactly sure what the discipline of Osteopathy is. So, I sat down with Ryan Unsworth from Calibrate Health for a chat.
Read my conversation here.

*note that photo was taken before mask-regulations were in place.

Simple Dinner Party for 4, 6, 8 or More! 

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Adult Agua Fresca

When one of our original Feeders, Erin, was leaving Singapore a few weeks ago, I put together this deliciously spicy-sweet Agua Fresca to toast her goodbye.

And, now in our house we are crushing on the alcohol-free version. I've been keeping a chilled pitcher of this in the fridge. It's perfect for sipping as the days turn hotter (or in Singapore, all the time!).

An Agua Fresca is simply a lightly blended fruit drink (strawberry, watermelon, even cucumber!) with a little lime juice and a bit of sweetener like simple syrup or honey. This version uses hibiscus as the base, which makes it a lovely colour.

Drink it as is, or add a shot of gin or vodka for a refreshing cocktail! Cheers!
Mix it Up!
About me: I'm a writer, obsessive reader, decent tennis player, mother, wife and one half of the marketing team known as Chop Chop.  I love to travel and explore new places, but hate to plan trips. I strive to be a good friend and a great home cook. My friends tease me about my germaphobia and being's all good. 
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