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We reckon you’ve probably heard of Netball, Basketball and Hockey, and maybe even some of the more uncommon sports like Bob Sledding and Roller Derby. But have you heard of Bog Snorkelling, Bossaball, Chess Boxing, Cycleball, Toe Wrestling, or Mud-Pit Belly Flopping?

People have been adapting and creating sports for as long as sports have existed, and it's a good thing! Without a few tweaks by someone here and there, we wouldn't have Australian Rules Football or Snowboarding and we wouldn't have the enormous variety of All Abilities activities available to people with disabilities.

Like Goalball!

Love Sport? Let's learn about... Goalball

What is Goalball?

Sometimes quite aptly described as blindfolded reverse dodgeball, Goalball is an internationally recognised sport relying on hearing and teamwork. Although designed as a sport for blind and vision impaired people, the use of blindfolds has the unique appeal of putting everyone on a level playing field, regardless of eyesight.

How is it played?

Goalball is a highly energetic game where the aim is to roll or bounce a ball along the ground and past the opposing team to score a goal. It’s played on a court the size of a volleyball court, with goals the entire width at both ends. Two teams of three players face off against each other, throwing the ball while the other team listen for the bells inside, and use their bodies to stop it entering their goal.

Anyone can play Goalball!

The Victorian Goalball Association welcomes players of all abilities and all levels of sight. We hold several competitions and come and try days throughout Autumn and Winter for all ages. This year we’re doubling down on our Under 15 program to develop the next generation of Goalball players. Meanwhile we’re continuing to enhance our youth and adult programs with more and more opportunities to develop skills, while still having fun in a friendly and social environment.

Being an internationally recognised sport, there are also opportunities to represent Victoria at the national championships and become a part of the Australian and even global Goalball community. This year we’re heading to South Australia for the 39th Australian Goalball Championships.

Meet Sam...

We have a wide range of members who play Goalball socially and competitively. Sam has been playing for 16 years, since he first attended a come and try day at the age of 13.

“Goalball has been pretty great for me. It has given me a lot of opportunities. I’ve travelled to a lot of places to play in a lot of competitions.” Sam is on the Australian Men’s team and has represented Australia all around the world. He says that through Goalball he’s made so many friends and had a lot of fun along the way. “I couldn’t advocate more for Goalball, because it’s done some amazing things for me.”

Come and try Goalball!

Are you ready to experience the fun and social opportunities of Goalball? There are activities to suit everyone listed on AAA Play.
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