Shhh, it's a secret...
We've chosen you,
our favourite few,
from a list of many,
because you like us too.

We need your help.
We care about what you think.
We have a big decision to make,
that you are perfectly suited to.

Captain Access is a superhero helping people of all abilities get the chance to play sport or become involved in physical recreation. Anyone can be Captain Access, and now is your chance to help us create the next generation of characters to encourage all Victorians to get active.

Will you help us to create the next AAA Play animations?

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AAA Play is a great way for people to connect with sport.

3 years ago AAA Play introduced you to 3 inspirational characters designed to promote strength, resilience, and fun. Captain Access, Lila Adams, and Mohawk Joe have engaged children and young people of all abilities to get actively involved in sport and recreation. We know they're a success - we have people phoning us asking to speak to Lila!
Ready for your sneak peak?

AAA Play encourages people with disabilities who love sport to connect with us.

We want the next generation to be just as popular and we're inviting you to have a sneak peak preview so you can let us know what you think.
Tell us what you think of the next generation...

It's a work in progress...

Community consultation is an important part of the process for AAA Play. We don't want to make the decisions; we want you to love these characters as much as we do, so we've come to you early in the development process as the people whose input we value most. This means that some of the drawings are a little rough. Try to look past that and tell us what you'd love to see more of, or a little less of, so we can create someone that you'll love to have a little piece of.

We'd love to hear your opinions

What do you like about these characters? What don't you like? What would you change? 

Character 1

I'm 16 years old and I’ve got a fun fact to tell you - my body can’t stop moving whenever I listen to songs on the radio. The music makes me feel alive! I'd never met anybody like me and then my parents contacted AAA Play to find me a dancing class nearby. I’ve now met other people who are just like me!

Character 2

I just want to let you know I am a really good gymnast! Thanks to my Mum who introduced me to this sport. I'm curious to try something else now, and I told Mum who then contacted AAA Play to get some information. Since then I have tried many different sports. Thanks AAA Play!

Character 3

It's been a while since I kicked the football on a Sunday morning with my parents! I miss it so much and want to kick the footy again, but this time with friends. My parents heard about AAA Play and got in touch with them. They directed me to a club nearby and I just finished my first football practice with my new team mates! 

Character 4

My family are huge sports fans, and we love watching sports together. My favorite is cricket. I really want to try and learn to play it well. However, the local team is very scary to join since they are all so good and fast! Thanks to AAA Play, I've since joined a cricket club with people playing at my level, and I'm having so much fun.

Character 5

I've been playing soccer lately and I really like it. Sometimes it's hard for me to play because I’ve fallen down several times during a game. But I never give up because it's so much fun! My family contacted AAA Play to find soccer clubs in my area, and lucky for me - now I’m part of a soccer team. Thank you AAA Play!. 

Character 6

I love playing AFL Football which I play at school. I decided I want to play on the weekends, so my parents contacted AAA Play and found a football club for all abilities near my area. 
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