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All you really need for a game of cricket is a bat, a ball and some stumps. Aim for the stumps if you're bowling. If you're batting, watch the ball, then hit it and if you’re out in the field, catch the ball!

The game of cricket can be modified to many different formats and suits a wide range of abilities. The best thing about cricket is it can be played anywhere. The park, the beach, or even the street.


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A Sport for All

Cricket Victoria and the wider cricket community continue to unite and celebrate our philosophy that cricket is a game that welcomes everyone. It is our priority to be leaders in Victorian sport through inclusive playing environments that are respectful and understanding of people from all cultures and backgrounds.

Regardless of religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, or ability, Victorian cricket clubs offer opportunities for people to feel at home and play the game they love.

Cricket Victoria will continue to spread the message that cricket is, and always will be, a sport for all. If a person has a passion for cricket, cricket has a place for them.

Learn to Play

Joining a cricket club is hugely rewarding in many ways. You get to play an amazing sport and make friends along the way. The club cricket scene is buzzing, and you can play at a level you feel comfortable with, both indoor and outdoor. There are also many programs to suit all ability levels.

If you need any assistance finding the right program or club for you, please contact Cricket Victoria via email - or by calling us on 03 9085 4000.

Pathway Opportunities

There are now many opportunities for people with a disability to participate in cricket, from entry level programs such as junior programs within cricket clubs and schools, through to club cricket which may then lead to Cricket Victoria’s State Inclusion Academy. Who knows - you might have the opportunity to play for Victoria and even Australia one day?
See below for different ways you can get involved in cricket in 2020!

Melbourne All Abilities Cricket Association

The Melbourne All Abilities Cricket Association (MAACA) started 10 years ago to provide the opportunity for people of all backgrounds with an intellectual disability to be successful and play cricket. MAACA is the first association of its kind in Australia and with the support of Cricket Victoria has grown significantly in the past four years. MAACA commenced it’s fifth season of cricket in 2019 and has grown from five clubs to 13 clubs!

There are two grades within the competition, both have their own rules and playing conditions to suit the ability of the players. Higher ability players participate in Division One which generally replicates the format of mainstream cricket, whilst players with more complex needs can participate in Division Two, a competitive format that offers greater levels of flexibility in relation to equipment, number of players and rules.
Social Sixes - exciting cricket just for women!
Social Sixes is perfect if you are looking for a fun, fast and social mid-week activity.

The session focuses on activities that are designed to get your heart pumping as well as teach you the skills required to play cricket. There’s no need to worry about equipment, we’ve got that sorted. All you need to do is rock up and be ready to get involved.

Social Sixes accepts of all participants no matter their background or ability. To register or see where Social Sixes is run, please head over to our website If you have any inquiries or want to get a program started in your area please contact Griffin Sprague at for any Social Sixes related inquiries.

So, if you’re looking for a fresh new way to keep active, grab some friends and give Social Sixes a try!

Melbourne Deaf Cricket Club

If you are deaf or hard of hearing then it doesn’t stop you from playing the greatest game in the world, cricket!

The Melbourne Deaf Cricket Club (MDCC) was established in 1880/81 and has been providing an opportunity for deaf cricketers to play ever since. The club currently has four teams, including a women’s social T20 team, all playing in the Eastern Cricket Association.

MDCC welcomes any new members as players or volunteers. For more information or to join the club, please contact the secretary at
Victorian Blind Cricket Association
Blind Cricket has a rich history in this state with the Victorian Blind Cricket Association (VBCA). Blind Cricket was invented in Melbourne in 1922 with the world’s first sports ground and clubhouse for blind people developed at Kooyong, Melbourne in 1928. The venue at Kooyong is still used today as the home of the VBCA.
In blind cricket, the game has been adapted so that it can be played by blind and partially sighted players. The pitch is made of concrete and measures the same length and width as used in sighted cricket. The boundaries are measured 40 metres in a circle around the pitch and indicated by a white line with orange witches hats at intervals. The ball is made of white plastic with metal washers inside to give the ball an audible sound when bowled or thrown.

Additionally, the VBCA participates in cricket matches against sighted opposition in keeping with the philosophy of integration, and working to remove barriers and the isolating influence of having limited vision.
National Cricket Inclusion Championships
Now entering its fourth year, the National Cricket Inclusion Championships (NCIC) is where more than 200 of Australia’s most talented cricketers with an intellectual disability, blind and low vision, as well as deaf and hard of hearing come together to compete for one of three titles.

The championships were first held in 2017, the first time in Australian sporting history that these three divisions competed as part of the one competition.

In 2020, Victoria will be looking to defend the intellectual disability title, following a strong win in 2019. In addition, they will be looking to improve on a semi final loss in Deaf Men and Blind Men’s divisions. For a second year in a row, Victoria will be sending a Deaf Women’s and Hard of Hearing team. All players will be competing for Australian selection in the upcoming 2020 tours.

The NCIC is a fantastic initiative in ensuring people of all abilities and skills can represent their state, proving that cricket is a sport for all. It also provides a clear pathway from grassroots cricket for blind, deaf (and hard of hearing), and those with an intellectual disability.
Want to get out there and have a go yourself?! Check out an accessible cricket program near you here to meet some great people, get active, and have some fun!
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