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Why do I do what I do?
In this video, I talk about why I was drawn to working with children and teens.
I share how my experiences have helped me to accept, understand and see exactly where they are at, and together we work towards who they are meant to be.
This is a book about a bad seed. A baaaaaaaaaad seed. How bad? Do you really want to know? He lies about pointless stuff. He cuts in line. Every time. He never washes his hands… or his feet. And he does lots of other bad things too.
What if he really wasn't what everyone was seeing?  What if he was being misunderstood?  What if he wanted people to see him differently?
Could you change how you see the so-called "Bad Seed"?

Whether they've drawn on the walls or spat in grandpa's face, acting out is always a symptom among children—not the problem itself.“Acting out" literally comes from “acting out their feelings," which means when children can't express their needs and emotions in healthy ways, they will act them out through displeasing behavior.

The key to understanding “acting out" is to see it as a communication driven by an unmet need.

Just as a puppy doesn't purposely provoke us by chewing up the couch, our children's behaviors come as much more natural expressions of their internal states.

It's so easy to jump to judgments like "he's just pushing my buttons" or "she's doing it on purpose." But we'd be wise to remember that when children can cooperate, they generally prefer to.

Here are some reasons that might really be at the root of the challenging behaviors—and some ideas of how to respond to them.

To all of you; Daddy's, Dad's, Fathers, Step-Dads, Grampa's, PaPa's, Geepa's and Dado's or whatever you are called......supporting and loving with all you have 
THANK YOU with all My Heart
Well, that's it for me! Shannon will be with you next week!
From my screens to yours - have a great week everyone!!
Anything is possible when together we all Believe
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