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The Lindleys in Papua New Guinea (PNG)

February 2021

A Visual Valentine

Hello, friends-family!

Happy Valentine’s ‘Week / Month'! 

This is a picture-heavy letter, but first ... some words.

Though it has been a little while (again) since you’ve heard from us, it’s certainly not because we don’t think and pray for you often or because we don’t value you – we very much do! It is only your friendship, your partnership, your support, your prayers, and your other various expressions that have chiefly allowed and enabled us to be where we are (PNG) doing what we do (supporting the work of Bible translation).

It’s true! Yes, our mighty gracious King sustains all of it (and we praise Him for it!) but it is you who ‘answer His call’. Thank you countless times over, friends; you put the 'team' in team. 

"Teams are groups of people who work together to achieve a common goal, and who are dependent on each other to deliver it."

Thank you for being part of our team!
For partnership opportunities: visit our Wycliffe ministry page here!
Top: Alyssa got her driver's license in the nearby town of Kainantu! Top Left: Uwandima ('Buck') and tOdd - Buck recently retired from the Store after 25 years of service! Top Right: tOdd & Cath - about to enjoy their first helicopter ride (ever)! Alyssa was on the ride, too! Bottom Left: we just hit the 9 year in-country anniversary mark (arrived in PNG on January 23, 2012)! Bottom Right: Alyssa and her good friend, Jessica, as they prepare to leave in early December to Jessica and her parents' village allocation to dedicate the New Testament + some Old Testament portions of scripture for the first time ever in the Gizrra language! Jessica's parents, Nico & Elly, began the work in 1993! Talk about a team!
It's summer in the southern hemisphere and...
it is simply beautiful (year-round). 
Top: Andrew's online player profile 'card' (and, no, 'Ukarumpa International School' is *not* in Sweet Home, Oregon!) Top Left: Cathy recently made/put-together all the flowers for a local wedding, this was/is the bride's bouquet Top Right: Alyssa's favorite flower, the carnation, with its first bloom from a plant that Lyss grew from a cutting; Lily the PNG Cat in the background approves Bottom Left: My favorite Book, a Good Word Bottom Right: The last time all four of us were together over a year ago on January 12, 2020 at Bushnell University in Eugene, OR. We are VERY much hopeful and looking forward to seeing Drew again this summer!!  
For partnership opportunities: visit our Wycliffe ministry page here!
  • PRAISE that the Gizrra people have the Bible in their own 'first' language - the one they think in, pray in and dream in!  
  • PRAISE that Covid hasn't 'hit' as strongly here (not sure exactly why) and that the school has been able to meet and learn together in-person. VERY thankful for this!  
  • PRAYER that Cathy would have a great term 3 as she directs a High School theatre production that entails two meter distancing/staging. Alyssa and her friend, Jessica, are part of this cast! 
  • PRAISE that Andrew has been doing well at Bushnell, over halfway through his second year of college!  
  • PRAISE, too, that Andrew has been able to participate in the university's eSports League of Legends team! Yes, gaming is now recognized as an official collegiate sport! 
  • PRAYER as we explore the myriad of transitional opportunities resulting from Alyssa's upcoming High School graduation (June). 
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