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The Lindleys in Oregon (USA)

Thanksgiving 2021

^the above picture was taken near Sisters, Oregon on November 13, 2021

Giving Thanks

For you!

From our family to yours, may this coming week and the weeks (and months) ahead remind you and your family that:


"...nothing will ever be able to separate you from the love that God has for you in Christ

(Romans 8:39b)

What a promise (among many) to be thankful for! In this newsletter, we're excited to tell you more about our upcoming role(s) plus to share with you a 57-second teaser of the upcoming Christafari music video! Woo-Hoo!

"So, What Are You Doing?"

Our new role will be as
Church Partnership Facilitators as part of Wycliffe's Church Relations team. Our main area of service will be the Pacific Northwest and, in a nutshell, we'll strive to be 'relationship managers' of sorts with the church and to the church and its respective leaders (i.e. pastors, ministry owners, para-church organizations, etc.).

Our main thrust will be Bible translation-centric, of course, but we're also very happy that its scope will be larger than that.

Here's a fitting perspective from one of our new bosses, Chris:


"In the big picture, Wycliffe is currently working with more than 900 partners on the ground in various ways. Wycliffe can't do Bible translation on its own, and we can't do this ministry without partners like you, either.

So while we directly serve with Wycliffe, we recognize that we are serving a broader Kingdom of God that involves humility, sharing and generosity."

[ * 'partners' in the above quote refers to organizations such as local churches, denominations, etc. and 'on the ground in various ways' generally refers to work done around-the-globe as impact partners, technical partners or resource partners in the work ]
We can't wait to begin! And we will just as soon as we're at "100%" of our necessary Wycliffe ministry partnership level. Consider joining our team in a financial capacity now or increasing as able. Thank you BIG time to those who already have/been able to. We know it's a sacrifice one way or the other. 

Another way that assists us--as part of our Wycliffe ministry team--is letting others know (including churches, etc.) about the work and need that remain within Bible translation and within our personal needs here. 

Our current need is:

$1,005 per month
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Check out this great short article, "What Your Missionary Friends Are Most Grateful For" that was recently written by a good friend and colleague of ours who writes for Wycliffe (you might recognize a name in there).  
Cathy has been enjoying her busy part-time grade 6 teaching role at Good Shepherd School (which has easily been 40-hours per week in the early going as she adjusts, etc. / as a reminder this position is for this school year only). She teaches math, science, bible and also teaches a theater elective to grade 6-8 students.
Okay, okay. So last time "we talked" I mentioned this music video was "coming out very soon". Well...let's just say art and creativity take awhile, lol. Hopeful for a new year launch (January 2022).
In the meantime, I hope this 57-second clip at least whets your appetite. (:
Give to Our Wycliffe Ministry
  • PRAISE that the music video is almost done! No, really, I mean it this time! Haha-wink 
  • PRAISE that we get to meet (in person) our new-to-us supervisor (Jessica) on December 1st as she'll be visiting our area for some training and then catching up with us whilst here.
  • PRAISE that He is the same yesterday, today and forever!
  • PRAISE for those that have recently joined our Wycliffe ministry team and those who have been able to increase their amount of financial giving!
  • PRAY that God's Word would become available to the remaining 150 million people in the world who don't have it in their first language--the one they think in, pray in and dream in. 
  • PRAY that our meeting/dinner on the 1st with Jessica (our new supervisor) will be profitable and mutually encouraging. 
  • PRAY we'd get to 100% in our Wycliffe ministry sooner than later so we can begin our new roles--our goal is by January!
    • Only around $1,000 per month to go!
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