Happy Cortexmas 2020...

We're not going to prevaricate excessively about how *weird* 2020 has been... we'd bet we could all swap notes and come up with vastly different experiences!

But if you had told us that instead of making Guernsey harbour timelapses in March we'd be at home and 3D printing facemask supports and earsavers to help our health service respond to a global pandemic... well, we'd have thought you'd spent too much time in the server room 🥶.

We count ourselves exceptionally fortunate to have escaped the pandemic relatively unscathed and we are eternally grateful to our health service, leaders, authorities and, quite frankly, the whole bally lot of you for some good ol' community spirit that meant Guernsey led the way. Thanks - you all rock 👍.

We managed a few wins in 2020...

We supported Guernsey Chest and Heart by writing them a new interactive client portal... and we also launched Seeker Insights - the analytics and intelligence portal for all of our lovely data behind! (We like portals. And Blazor.)

In fact, we've gone gung-ho this year by rolling it out across several of our clients. It really is an exceptional tool for achieving cross-platform synergistic efficiency savings by blue-sky optimising the... blah blah blah.... Blazor is awesome. So long javascript; thanks for all the runtime exceptions.

Oh, and Seeker booked its first advertising revenue! 🥳
(We also dished out a load of free advertising to some Guernsey charities and startups! 🖐)

The red light is the off light...

Right now, though, we're unplugging the cloud, letting the SSDs spin down and letting the heatsinks cool off a bit*.

We'll be unplugging the ISDN from Friday 18th and be offline** until 4th Jan***.

Feliz navidad...

From the whole crew at Cortex Towers, wishing you all the very best for the festive season...
and a very merry New Year****.

xx Cortex xx

* None of these things make any sense
** As much as that ever really happens
*** You know where we are if you need help to turn it off and on again

**** Everyone cross something that 2021 isn't such a car crash


Final thoughts: on this day in 1958, the first comms-focused satellite (SCORE) was launched and ultimately paved the way for modern comms.

(It's also Stone Cold Steve Austin's birthday, who famously said "Why have you not broken from the pack? You’re playing it safe. Safe ain't gonna get you sh!t in this world.” Food for thought?)

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