April? Feels like August!

We *really* hope it's not August though because then we would be fuc... erm, behind on quite a number of things.

Sat here with sun pouring through the window reflecting on the glorious month we've had, it's really a bit of a marvel that this email has been written, let alone any actual work getting done.

Nevertheless, read on for a new feature (oooh), an update on the squirrel (ahhh), and one or two other bits that caught our eye this month (eh?)

Daisy fresh

Amongst other things, we managed to give the Cortex website a bit of spit and polish this month which means news/blogs and hopefully more up-to-date info on the company goings-ons.

We really are turning in to social butterflies. Who'd have thought it.
But the great news is it means we have yet another avenue to outpour our miscellaneous thoughts! Yay for you!

The blog will be for longer-form thought-y tech-y article-ys - see below for a teaser.

From the blog

RPA vs Business Process - balancing the two?
Amongst the major buzzwords at the moment, RPA - or Robotic Process Automation - is right up there. Against the backdrop of blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning, it also has probably the fewest barriers to entry. Modern RPA toolkits, such as UIPath, are designed to be used by anyone and offer the well-heeled ‘no code’ environment that business managers' dreams are made of - the sales pitch is that there should be no direct dependency on a technical resource - anyone can build and release a robot! And it’s not entirely untrue...
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the month's interesting tech news

Ctx: News in brief

Ah, Squirrel, my old friend

We've completed alpha testing and now preparing formal beta testing. (If you've expressed an interest in helping - then please hold tight - it's coming!) Yes, we're a little behind schedule, but what else is new?!


The team continues to grow - we look forward to welcoming the 7th member of the team in mid-May.

In the meantime, meet the rest of the team, here.

lunch && code

We're in the process of getting the lunch&&code geekouts going again. If you'd like to be kept in touch, then please join its email list, here.

AND if you're just dying to talk about some latest tech trend, pet project or other mysterious tech topic, please do get in touch! (Seriously; do it. It's fun!)

That should do for now. As ever, follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook for a more regular dose of Cortex-y goodness. And if you're new to the snoozeletter, be sure to check out the archive (if only to explain the squirrel.)

But until next time, all best from the team at Cortex xxx
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