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data week @ the DGH!

Relive Marc's Data Warehousing 101 presentation (and live demo of our very own Bragi) right here!

"wait... what, Bragi... what's that?" I hear you mumble.

well, I mean, as above, it's our very own data warehousing tool... duh.

you know, the thing about which our friends at Ravenscroft said:

"Bragi has been pivotal to the development of our Data warehouse. The change capturing tables can be set up in minutes, becoming the base tables to build our models, removing the need to hand-code this process. This has saved us weeks of development time, a substantial cost to the project and reduced the risk of coding errors"

nice, eh?
still no?
oh for goodness sake click here.

(honestly; I bet you thought all we did was client stuffs. we don't!)

tech stuffs

we've started capturing our favourite* news from the tech-world and publishing it at the end of the week. initially in tweet form but then immortalised in blog form.

you can live it in near real-time by following on Twitter;
or save it up and snuggle down with your slippers and a cup of cocoa in blog form at your leisure.

we're still trying to figure out what all y'all want from this so let us know (somehow)
* so far it's mostly us moaning about NFT / crypto shenanigans and FAANG bollox.

in briefs

  • we have a vested interest in the States meeting next week...
  • we're in the throes of doing something good for the Guernsey Air Scouts in the form of a new flight sim... more soon
  • we'll be welcoming an intern / recruit type person later in the year... much excite
  • Covid at this point is thoroughly tedious as we all play roulette with it in some form or another, but the office is open as usual at the moment (with views of Herm; and beer... come and say hi!)
  • Seeker was more than chuffed  to welcome the checkb4uchuck campaign onboard
  • that's surely plenty for this episode / edition / epitath, and so

UNTIL next time....
xx Cortex xx

PS. Want more? Have fun with this incredible visualisation of electricity usage.


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