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It's time...
to bring the snoozeletter out of lockdown.

September news from your chums at Cortex.

Lockdown, schmockdown. You will be unsurprised to hear that we've been working as hard as ever over the last few months in spite of all the carnage that 2020 has (literally and figuratively) thrown-up everywhere.

If you don't believe us, then the Seeker changelog does not lie. (Except when we edit it after the fact to change the truth of what happened.)

Anyway, that's not the point. The actual point is... we're very much here but had rather foolishly figured the last thing you all needed during lockdown was our email nonsense getting in the way of the far more important issues of the day such as which virtual background to use in your Teams chats* and whether it was acceptable to stay in your Superman onesie all day**.

Obviously we were wrong and for that we're really truly sorry. Don't worry, we have learnt our lesson, the appropriate corporate procedures have been duly amended and the tea boy has been fired***.

So, we're back with lots of exciting things to regale you with and we promise not to mention the C-word, which is a tough thing to do when the company is called Cortex.

BUT BEFORE we finally give in and accept this 'new normal' (eugh), allow us to cast your minds back to way before the beforetimes and encourage you to relive aurally the moments that led to man walking on the moon in the amazing BBC podcast.

Why? Well, because it's genuinely fascinating... but, moreover; if 50 years ago they could land a ruddy-great spaceship on the Moon using something less powerful than your average smartphone, then, well, we think things can probably be alright again. (Enjoy.)

UNTIL next time....

xx Cortex xx
* Bridge of the Starship Enterprise, every time.
** Yes, obviously.

*** Not really, because then we'd have no tea which would be frankly disastrous.
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