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New staff, new stuff - new news stuff!

Hey! It's been a while! How's it going?

Here at Cortex Towers, we've been right busier than ever so here's a little catchy-uppy on just what the McGubbins has been going on.


The team is growing! We're now up to 6 officially official full-timers as Matt Pyle joined us recently. He's a well good Developer with some mad creds.

AND we also welcome(d) Sam Preece to the team as part of the Digital Greenhouse Digital Intern programme! She's been adding huge value to one of our products - a time and billing system for professional services -  codenamed Seahorse... here she is presenting at the DGH!


And speaking of Seahorse, sort of, we've been squirrelling away on our own stuffs! Our billing system - codenamed Seahorse whilst we try to come up with something that's actually brandable - is approaching v1 complete and is in pre-proper-launch trials (with at least one place replacing their Excel templates with it!) Full proper launch coming later in the year... interested?
And if more proof was needed that we're terrible at naming things, Bragi - our rapid-Data-Warehouse-build-a-maker-kajigger is also firing along; it's fully properly live in 3 places and we now have actual proper release management stuff.



We've been cranking out the tech (and not so tech) contents on the Cortex Blog - if you're looking for the deets on SignalR, Docker, AI and the best tech podcasts, then get yourself along 🏄‍♀️.
Meanwhile MT and MB cleaned up at the Future Rewired innovation challenge (and did a bit of presenting too. W00t.)
AAAAND we also found time for a Super Fun Summer Party™️ at Saints Bay for some a-dippin'-n-a-dinin'.

(No photos - nobody needs to see MrB in a speedo 😱)


Righto, that'll certainly do for this one!

So until the next one, that'll definitely appear at some point after now and before the next next one.... go well and have fun.

xxx Cortex xxx


P.S. Reminder that remains your go-to place for Guernsey property, vehicles, jobs, THE WEATHER FOX (!), and sea swimming. Obviously.
P.P.S It's also got advertising oppo's if that's your thing.
P.P.P.S AND amazing property data if that's your thing.

And really really finally...

Here's some bizarre tech-ish news you may not have seen: The Line - Saudi Arabia's futuristic guess at how we'll live in the, erm, future. What do you think? (Beyond the obvious.)
(P.P.P.P.S. A Seahorse. Obviously. But if you had to ask. I mean. Jeez. Just be happy you made it this far. Well done you!)
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