Merry Cortexmas 2021!

Wishing you a Very Splendid Festive Season™️ and
...dare we say it...
a stupendous New Year..!

Apologies for being a wee tad bit quiet on the emails this year....  we've been busy writing the codes and, erm, playing pool. Mostly the codes, though, honestly.

The year's client highlights...

We've done a whole bunch of gnarly client stuff but, as usual, a lot of that's classified*. We have however  inadvertently become experts at SharePoint upgrades, though, so if you need help with that then do drop us a note, we love them!

Blazor (and now .NET6) continues to be a major revelation from a rapid application development point of view-malarkey which we're now actively using with a number of our clients to build out some wicked stuff in record time. One of these is a fully-fledged secret squirrel that we hopefully will be able to talk about around.... Q2-ish next year! (And no, you don't know what it is. You don't. Even you, who thinks they do, you don't. [Except those that actually do.])

...our highlights...

Seeker continued to grow in popularity with solid traffic... we actually lost an advertiser on account of it generating too many leads!** 🥳 The data platform behind it - Seeker Insights - was the focus of our dev effort here, and that has really grown into a useful resource, as evidenced by the number of clients now using it. Yay 🖐

We also sold our first actual Bragi license! What do you mean "what the hell is Bragi?" - honestly! It's our homegrown data-warehouse-automation-ifier-thingo dontcha-know. "But why's it called that?" - well, that bit we can't answer***. But with demos for next year already lined up, that's looking pretty shibby.

In fact, we've been sooo busy that we didn't make any meaningful progress with our own actual secret squirrel ☹️

But by far the biggest highlight of the year was the arrival of a new Cortexologist - Danny "Don't call me Matt" Champion! He's settled in right nice even if he does have very unusual taste in "milk".

...but for now,

We'll be unplugging the crypto-miners and re-grouting the blockchains from Friday 17th and be loitering on the dark web until 3rd Jan.

(But you know where we are if you need us.)

manuia le Kerisimasi...

From the whole crew at Cortex HQ, wishing you all the very best for the festive season... and a very merry New Year****.

xx Cortex xx

* Well not really, I mean maybe a little, but no, not really.
** Completely unsubstantiated claim
*** Actually we can
, you just need to ask, k?
**** Everyone cross something that 2021, I mean, um, 2022.... isn't such a car crash


Optimistic thought for 2022: watch this timelapse video of a pumpkin growing. Not only is it entirely captivating... but it also surely tells a rather profound message of what can come of a couple of seeds, carefully nurtured.... or something?

(PS. The eagle-eyed amongst you will recognise the Xmas tree up there as being from the GCHQ festive puzzle. Check it out if you want a little fun... although be warned it's aimed at school-kids... no pressure, eh?)

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