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Dear ones,

We miss you, we are hoping for the health of everyone, and we are excited see you again when we can.
May Day Happenings

If you read this on May 1st, here are some time-sensitive things about spending and not spending money:
  • Bandcamp is doing another fee-free day TODAY 5/1, where they don't take a cut and all proceeds go directly to the artists! Buy our merch, and also support all the artists you've been thinking of splurging on but never got around to. Check out our co-conspirators page for some ideas. Bandcamp is a great platform and we are grateful to them for this promotion (it's also cool to buy things on Bandcamp other days and support them.) There will be more fee-free days the first Friday of the next two months: June 5th and July 3rd.
  • Don't cross picket lines! Support the essential workers strike TODAY 5/1 by NOT buying anything from Amazon, Instacart, Whole Foods, Target, Walmart, Fedex, or Trader Joe's. The strike is to demand safer working conditions during the pandemic including paid sick leave and PPE. (You could also avoid buying stuff from there other days, but we know how it is.) 

Related: the Rebel Beat has created a soundtrack for you to enjoy on this Mayday, highlighting many lovely musicians and radicals, including us! Next year in the streets.

And speaking of working conditions, please enjoy the short Zoom video below featuring a physically distant attempt at a verse from Mayn Rue Platz: The fires are still burning, the doors are still locked. Rather than martyrizing workers through misplaced war analogies we need to create safer conditions in practical, tangible ways. People do not exist to be sacrificed, for any reason, altruistic or capitalistic.
Happy May Day // Mayn Rue Platz

The Antifa Kugelbook

If you have been paying truly scrupulous attention, you may have noticed that we sent out a call for submissions for The Antifa Kugelbook a few months ago with a deadline of today. Many thanks to the people who contacted us with ideas: we are planning to follow up with you soon if we haven't already. Due to the global pandemic and some other life events, we did not get it together to really go after this project on the May 1 timeline. This means that there is still time to submit ideas! If you are looking for Fun Positive Projects to be part of during this time, perhaps this can be one. Check out our previous newsletter for the details. New deadline: August 1, 2020.

Home and Utopia

These are ideas that we think about a lot in our music, and they seem especially pertinent now. What does it mean to feel homesick while staying home, because you can't go to the places you usually go or see the people you usually see, and home is more than just the place you shelter? What about if you don't have a home to stay safe in, or if home is not a safe place to stay? How do you reconcile feeling attached to the comfort of something familiar even if it is not entirely good? What do you do when home changes out from under you, when home no longer exists?

And utopia. Which is connected to revolution. Building a more utopian world sometimes means discomfort and confusion in the destruction of things that are ingrained. But it should resolve towards something ultimately better.

We've got a couple of songs that are especially about these ideas and we are looking forward to releasing studio recordings of them as singles soon. In the meantime, here we are performing them live this past year, during more blithely crowded times:
Beltz! at the Seattle Folklore Society one year ago
Hunting Season as Brief at the Leap Year show 2020


Haha gotcha. We have no shows coming up due to mass cancellations, a relatively small shame in the grand scheme of things, but sad nonetheless. Check out our shows page to be more specifically bummed about each canceled show, whilst also maybe a bit celebratory? We got into NW Folklife AND the Vancouver Folk Festival this year?! Woulda been pretty cool! 

We are also working on our relationship with social media and may have something in the vein of livestreams, or at least laterstreams, for you in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.


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