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FBA Monthly - Monthly Roundup - July 2019
What’s Driving Amazon’s $10 Billion Advertising Business -- Amazon ad sales business increased 37% year-over-year, to $3 billion. --

Breaking up Amazon? Platforms, Private Labels and Entry -- The European Commission is investigating Amazon.--

New Smooth Parcel Price List Now Available, Get Your Copy Today! -- Smooth Parcel is the cheapest and most effective way to ship parcels to customers in Europe, get a copy of the new price list today and see for yourself, send a request to for your personal copy. -- [SPONSORED]

How Amazon Is Beating Antitrust Before It Happens -- Amazon's growing market power has made it the subject of antitrust rhetoric. --

Strategic E-Commerce Warehousing & FBA Prep in the US -- Logistics Done Right Provides Customers With Cost-Effective Up Front Pricing >A+ Rated Customer Service >Quick Turnaround Time. Services Offered: FBA Prep-Dropship & Forwarding-Returns Processing/Refurbishment. -- [SPONSORED]

Amazon Vendors Being Pushed To Seller Central: What To Do Now -- Amazon has made a series of moves that suggest that more Vendors will need to move to Seller Central. --

What Exactly Is Amazon? -- This is the question that has consumed me for the last ten years. --

Amazon Sold $240K of ‘Liturgy of the Ordinary’ Fakes, Publisher Says -- A Christian bestseller was targeted by a major counterfeiting scheme. --

WSJ: Amazon Entices Sellers to Part With Brands For as Low as $10K -- Amazon provides marketing advantages and other perks to third-party sellers through a variety of programs --

How Amazon Controls Its Marketplace -- Amazon’s dominance doesn’t merely rely on competing with sellers on its platform. --

Where Amazon Products Go to Die -- Amazon Overstock Store Story. --

Third-Party Sellers on Amazon Are Outselling Amazon -- Don't feel bad for Amazon, though, because the company makes huge amounts of money regardless. --

The Biggest Abuser of Forced Arbitration Is Amazon -- With 2.5 million third-party sellers, it’s the largest employment-related class barred from using courts for complaints. --
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Amazon Updates
  Land of the Giants --  Dive into Amazon corporation and examine the ways it’s changed our lives – for better and for worse. --

Amazon Updates Seller Agreement -- Amazon informed sellers on Wednesday it is making changes to the Business Solutions Agreement. --

Amazon’s Updated Suspension Policy Still Has Sellers Worried About Getting Inexplicably Booted --

Amazon Quietly Launches a Private Label For Business Customers -- Amazon created a new private-label line of commercial products that will compete with Kimberly-Clark and other brands --

Understanding the IP Policy Changes Coming to Amazon Sellers -- Amazon is in the process of implementing four big changes --
Tips & Guides
  Amazon Book Marketing -- Everything You Need to Know with Dave Chesson from Kindlepreneur --

How Much Money Do I Need To Start With Amazon FBA? -- What are the real startup cost of running a FBA business? --

How to Print Amazon Shipping Labels on a Zebra Printer --

5 Ways For Amazon Sellers To Elevate Their Brand -- Here are some tips for sellers who want to take advantage of FBA services --
FBA Tools
Don't Miss 180 Days Of The Free Trial From Shopkeeper -- We calculate your profits, margins, fees, sales tax, and all other expenses, so you can focus on the fun part. --

Start Your Amazon Affiliate Microsite for $0​ -- Boost your Best Seller Rank and attract customers with high converting microsites platform. --

Google spreadsheets for Amazon sellers -- Add-on that allows you to connect and import data directly from your Amazon Seller Central account into Google Sheets. --
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