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 FBA Monthly - Monthly Roundup - March 2019
The Enormous Numbers Behind Amazon’s Market Reach -- Amazon has come to resemble a conglomerate, with a growing presence in multiple markets. -- 

These stats show how truly massive Amazon is becoming -- A new research note from Wells Fargo covering Amazon and the world of retail has put forth several head-reeling statistics --

Most Amazon Brands Are Duds, Not Disrupters, Study Finds -- Turns out most Amazon-branded goods are flops that don’t threaten other businesses at all. --

Amazon is aggressively blocking ads for unprofitable products as part of a plan to bolster its bottom line -- The change poses a challenge for Amazon because its ad business is very lucrative and growing rapidly. --
Three Ways Amazon Has Rewritten The Laws Of Marketing -- by Chief Growth Officer for Web Talent Marketing, overseeing the agency's growth in PPC, SEO & Content Marketing in North America. --

With private brands, Amazon plays the long game -- Amazon is staking a claim in merchandising both commodities and specialties, with its own private and exclusive brands. -- 

89% Of Consumers Are More Likely To Buy Products From Amazon Than Other E-Commerce Sites: Study -- Here are four key findings that brands need to consider in their channel sales strategy. --

Amazon Using House Brand Pop Ups To Undercut Branded Products -- The Amazon pop-up that took over much of a product page, forcing customers to either click through to the lower-cost Amazon products or dismiss them before continuing to shop. --

  Huge Update For Amazon Sellers
Did you know that there have been three significant updates from Amazon recently? --

Amazon Updates
 Amazon Lifts Price Parity Provisions for Third-Party Merchants -- The decision could open the door for more established brands to begin selling on Amazon's marketplace. --

Amazon Seeks More Sellers for Subscribe & Save Program -- The program offers consumers discounts and free shipping if they sign up to receive regular deliveries of particular items. --

Amazon Pay inks Worldpay integration as it branches out in the wider world of e-commerce -- This also could allow Amazon, to layer on further services into the mix for merchants, which could potentially include netting third-party merchants into its popular Amazon Prime subscription scheme for free shipping and more. -- 

A ‘cutthroat market’: Amazon wants to reach lower-income customers -- Amazon has also rolled out other product features like a bargain section on its site, and opportunities to top up Amazon accounts using cash at retail store hubs. --
Tips & Guides

“The Amazon marketplace is based off an algorithm so you should score as high as possible in every area on Amazon”  --

Selling On Amazon: 10 Things To Consider In Order To Make The Most Of Your Efforts -- 10 Young Entrepreneur Council members explained what to consider when starting or expanding sales on Amazon. --

How to sell with Amazon Subscribe & Save --  Subscription model is particularly useful in marketing brands --

How Small Businesses Can Master The Art Of Selling On Amazon -- How many small businesses are benefiting from Amazon sales? --

How To Use Keywords For Better Conversions on Amazon -- In this article, we will examine the role keywords in conversions, and how to effectively use keywords in your Amazon listing to drive more sales. --
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