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"The day Nigeria wakes up, Africa will never be the same again", Professor Patrick Lumumba prophesied three years ago. Similarly, Tomi Arayomi of RIG Nation titled his 2020 prophecy for the country, "A storm is coming, but God says 'Nigeria is still redeemable'". The fight against police brutality might be the fulfilment of both prophecies as the continent travails.

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To the news and job opportunities.

🩸 Congo is bleeding
Congo is currently experiencing what many people are calling 'a silent holocaust'. According to the Economist, "in Congo, the little guys are jailed for stealing minerals; more powerful pilferers stay free". The natural resources of the Democratic Republic of Congo, particularly Cobalt and Coltan, are causing the death of millions due to the exploitation of world powers such as the US, China, Canada, England and Belgium.

📴 Cameroon implements a quirky phone tax, citizens say #EndPhoneTax
The Cameroonian government has implemented a new tax regime under its 2019 Finance Law. According to Quartz, the new tax regime shifts the burden of customs duties and taxes on imported phones and other electronic devices to the end-user when the importer defaults.

Arintech, a French data collection and management firm, has been hired to start collecting the customs duties and taxes from October 15, 2020, according to Business Cameroon.

Under the new system, once a new phone connects to any of Cameroon's mobile networks, the phone's unique IMEI number is automatically detected. And if the connection is a first-ever for the device, a message will be sent to the phone owner notifying them of how much customs duties and taxes to be paid. The phone owner can either pay in tranches through deductions from their airtime or make a one-off payment.

The custom duties and taxes on phones is 33% of their factory price. Also, the new regulation requires network providers to retain 200 francs CFA (36 cents) from subscribers for every application they download through their network. This means apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram will be taxed when downloaded, Quartz reports.
🌐 Lesotho to regulate social media users with more than 100 followers like broadcast media houses
Social media users with more than 100 followers are expected to register with the Lesotho Communication Authority as 'internet broadcasters'. By registering, the government of Lesotho will be able to subject them to the same rules that govern broadcast media houses. The Voice of America reports that this would allow regulators to investigate social media users' post and even order them to remove them.

In seeking to regulate online content regulators, Lesotho is following the footsteps of Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Burkina Faso.
It's not all gloomy. Many good things are on the rise... All the way up.

💹 Pandemic changed e-commerce, Jumia's short-seller changes mind
Andrew Left, the founder of Citron Research, who released a scathing report that caused Jumia's share price to dip in 2019 has changed his mind. He is now buying the 'Amazon of Africa' shares.

In a recent tweet, the online stock commentary website said: "Citron being asked if we would short $JMIA recent run-up NO WAY. We learned lesson shorting e-commerce. Bad risk/reward. Pandemic has changed e-com globally $SE $MELI. Appears [the] worst is behind $JMIA".

Left told The Africa Report, "I am positive on their outlook now that much of the fraud seems to be behind them. Nigeria will not be the only country in the world not to embrace e-commerce". Jumia closed on Friday, October 16 at $15.22, representing a 24% increase from its price on Monday, October 12, $12.26.

🚑 Uber partners Medicare to launch medicine delivery service in South Africa
Uber Eats' South African unit has partnered with Medicare to launch an over-the-counter medication delivery service. Medicare is a leading supplier of medical equipment and clinical supplies in South Africa, while Uber Eats is the food delivery division of the Uber, the American ride-hailing service.

The GM of Uber Eats in sub-Saharan Africa, Shane Austin, said, "Seeing how quickly locals adopted an online platform allowed us the opportunity to significantly scale our offering to cater for more than just food, moving to just about anything that one might need to live comfortably at home".

Uber Eats already has a lion's share in South Africa's $600 million food dispatching market. The second-quarter earnings report of Uber suggests that its delivery business is now bigger than its core ride-hailing division. Uber has continued to double down on delivery service, launching Uber Direct 
and Uber Connect.

Uber Direct allows retailers and other businesses to use the ride-hailing service to arrange for speedy delivery, while Uber Connect allows people to use Uber drivers to send personal items across town. Uber Connect is available in Kenya and South Africa.

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3. Daniel and Hachi explore the apps and platforms built to support the fight against police brutality.
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